Doyle -II- As We Die – Album Review

1 disc, 13 songs
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


Shredders and metalheads beware as your new addiction welcomes you in. Action-packed, energy-driven, and dark, As We Die is your forte. This horror A-team is FIRE! Whipping guitars, heavy drums with beautiful complexity, alongside snarling and aggressive vocals- this album is cutting-edge! Former Misfit, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, still showcases his fiendish horror ways throughout the album. Slightly stylistically aligning with punky Glenn Danzig days within The Misfits, yet revamped into a macabre series of tasty metal riffs, fills, and chills; this album is darker and heavier than expected. The emotions are on the table making this a very honest and passionate record. Discussing topics such as the fortitude it takes to go through darkness, the painful desire for love, the living dead, sin, revulsion, and more- you’re in for it.

Instrumentally, this album highlights each and every member’s talent. Though Doyle, himself, is the very star of the show, we cannot forget to mention the other sinister comrades. The drums are admirable! I mean have you heard “Run For Your Life”, just as an example with many tracks on this record being diverse and skillful- but throughout the whole album, Brandon Pertzborn of Black Flag is a SLAYER. The double-bass attacks have you grooving, and the vocals reveal the angst you wish you could. Back to Doyle, this album is not complete without Doyle’s untamed riffs, bad ass bridges, and tone. This is the best we’ve seen from him yet!

“Witchcraft” might just be considered my personal favorite! This track not only touches on someone’s manipulative ability to bewitch you with fake eminence, but also caresses the idea of how ominous it may feel within- professing a doomed spirit with the line “it’s too late for me to run away. You’ve got me under your spell”. However, it expresses satisfaction within the pain, giving off the idea that this pain to be with you is better than the pain of being without you with following those lyrics with “… but that’s alright with me”. Plus, it was difficult not to fall head over creepers with these classic metal riffs and catchy, and easy to sing along with, lyrics. However, “Witchcraft” has quite the competitor- being “Virgin Sacrifice”. This song had me hooked immediately with the sassy and sexy rock n’ roll vibe, being complimented by the seductive and cheeky whimpers and emotion-filled soul in clean vocals. Or how can we not note the pit-starter, “Blood On The Axe”, or brutal “Night Of Sin”? Yeah, like noted, As We Die is just too good for our own good. Made for listeners of Pantera, The Misfits, Korn, and Doyle! Rating it a 9 out of 10, welcome Doyle II into your soul, and he will fill you with power stronger than Doyle’s vegan pre-workout. Check out the album, for it is the best yet!


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