Doyle at Marquee Theatre Nov 2015

We had the pleasure in catching up with the legendary Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein the other night out at Marquee Theatre.. What can I say about the guy that hasn’t been said already? He is a beast on the guitar for sure. In all honesty I’m not sure how he doesn’t break them with the animal that he is.. I guess he did make a solid guitar to which fit him well.

So the set was pretty freaking awesome.. Doyle was all over the place just whaling on that guitar, with hands so fast the camera could barely keep up.. Alex screamed at the top of his lungs the whole night keeping the crowd moving.. Graham killed it on the bass, and Brandon pounded the hell out of those drums. We always love attending a show with these guys because it’s a room filled with energy and amazing sound..




Brandon Pertzborn : Drums.


Legendary Ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has broken new ground with his solo project, “DOYLE”. A horror based hardrock/metal band of epic proportions. Still grinding out heavy riffs is the hulking monster himself, Doyle of Misfits fame,and Alex Story from ‘Cancerslug provides vocals filled with misanthropic rage, while still capturing the beauty of the dark side. Solidifying the quartet is Graham (ex-Graves, ex-Let It Burn) on bass, unifying the skull crushing sound that is the machine Doyle himself has put together. DOYLE cranks out music as scary as the Misfits, as doom laden as Black Sabbath, and has the same hard-hitting in your face style of metal as Motorhead or Slayer.



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