Dorothy & Charming Liars at Crescent Ballroom Show Review

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

On July 15, 2018, Crescent Ballroom presented a jam pack show with Dorothy and Charming Liars; both gracing the stage with their amazing feel good vibes, they filled the ballroom floor and the seating areas of the venue. Before the show even started, fans with an early entry ticket began to line up in anticipation to be released in as others waited in the bar lounge to take the edge off before gaining entrance.

As the clock neared the final minutes for entry you could hear the excitement from the chatter of the line as well as the fans who sat relaxing patiently. Once in the venue, the crowd immediately began gathering in the front of the stage as the stagehands finished the final setup for the opening band, Charming Liars.

In an instant, the lights dim with the only bright light coming from the neon logo of the Charming Liars, shining at the crowd. Fans cheered as they made out the silhouettes of the band members taking the stage.

Performing songs such as “Insomnia” and “Like A Drug” the crowd was vested in the good musical vibes, trading cheers for vocal howls and bass hits that echoed through the room. With a short set, they still brought their A-game to the Crescent, in addition to performing the two mentioned songs most of their set were songs off the record “12:21 AM”, songs such as “Soul”, “Pain From You”, “Outta My Head” and others.


Ending their set, Charming Liars begin breaking down and Dorothy’s, the headliner of the night, begins setting up. The venue is filled with eager fans chattering about the amazing sounds of Dorothy and fans from the seating area begin to move down to the standing area. As the crowd waits in anticipation Dorothy walks out and a loud cheer fills the room and they begin. Bringing their California vibes to the Valley of the Sun, Dorothy’s set is filled with a sound reminiscent of the classic rock genre. They perform songs off their new record “28 Days in the Valley”, songs such as “Pretty When You’re High”, “Mountain”, “Freedom”, “Who Do You Love” and “28 Days In The Valley”. With an amazing setlist and a proactive crowd, the venue never had a dying dull silence and you could feel the appreciation from both band and crowd respectively.

Charming Liars


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