Dope At Marquee Theatre – Nov 2017

Soundwave Brigade is proud to present our coverage of Dope as they make their third stop in Arizona in the past twelve months at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe for The Monster High Tour!

Dope is a Hard Rock / Industrial /  Metal band founded in New York City, New York in 1997. With their first release of Felons and Revolutionaries in September of 1999, Dope gained attention with their style of music and lyrics with a hard industrial edge. From their beginnings to present day Dope has worked hard in their twenty year career in the music business with highs and lows, with many notable tours and shows with many mainstream acts. With a current catalog of six full length albums, and an attitude which has served them well over the years Dope continues to create and deliver their music with the intention of entertaining their loyal fan base.

Performing on a Monday night on the 6th of November, 2017 the fans gather before the stage and, well….. they tried to wait patiently for Dope to begin as the crowd of fans began to chant and call for Dope!

As the show begins with the venue going dark and the three display screens light up with the intro to tonight’s performance there was a momentary silence among the concertgoers until the crowd could see the silhouettes of Virus (Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals), Edsel Dope (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Chrissy Warner (Drums) and Nikk Dibs (Bass/Backup Vocals) taking their positions on stage.

With Edsel coming forward to greet and welcome the awaiting crowd, they open up with “Violence”. Dope delivers an intense in your face performance, with attention to detail in their lighting and effects as well as how the members of the band bring the experience with each song being designed into it’s own presentation for their live show.

With an attentive crowd, the fans enjoying the playful humor of Edsel and the rest of the band instantly recognize one of the band’s most recognizable songs as the begin to play “Debonaire”, and we are going to share with you the footage of this performance. So enjoy it as much as the fans and Edsel did as he called upon and directed the audience to participate in singing along!

As the show goes on with an appreciative audience getting their “fix” of Dope as they perform various songs from their six album catalog such as “Now or Never”, “Die MF Die”, as well as a mix of original material and cover songs with their own twist on them. Dope’s intense must come to end unfortunately, but to the joy of the fans they closed their show with “Bitch”!

Dope is definitely more than just a band that does it right, they are a group of performing artists with a focus on performing high energy shows, to their music and merchandise all with the intention of entertaining and thanking their fans for their support!

If you haven’t heard of Dope, than that’s ok… they welcome you to check them out and will be grateful that you gave them the chance. And for long time fans, Dope doesn’t forget about you and your insatiable need for more as they have more for you coming soon. As of right now they have a pre order for Dope – The Early Years – 1997/1998 Story Book & Soundtrack – Pre Order- Ships Dec 1st,  for more information about this visit this direct link below!

Dope has more to come in the future as well as the yet to be released album Blood Money Part 2, so for more information and updates about Dope, we have some links for you below to check them out at. and once again

We would also like to thank Dope for their performance and allowing us to come in and cover it, and the Marquee Theatre and their staff for their hospitality and hosting tonight’s events, as well as all the other people who came together to make tonight happen, and especially the fans who came out to support Dope, thank you all!

Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave

Dope At Marquee Theatre – Nov 2017

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