(Los Angeles, Calif.): Southern California alt rockers Dommin released their second album Rise on June 21 via PledgeMusic. It follows their 2010 Roadrunner debut, Love Is Gone.

If you like Danzig, Type O Negative, and Sisters of Mercy, then you will certainly gravitate towards Dommin.

Rise is available now and the band has set about releasing the three covers that were part of the PledgeMusic campaign. Dommin reached their pledge goal in under two hours and eventually reached more than 11 times their goal.

They offered three cover songs as part of the pledge campaign.

Today, they present the second cover of the three — their Domminized version of Lana Del Rey’s “Cola,” which you can enjoy here.

The first cover was of Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer.” Fans can download it here. Lastly, they will release their fan-voted cover of Type O Negative’s “Love You to Death”  shortly.

Clearly, the covers demonstrate the depth and breadth of Dommin’s influences. It’s also obvious that the band’s core fans are quite ardent in their devotion to the Dommin.

Check out the video for the band’s song “Quiet Man.” It’s quite possibly the rowdiest and heaviest song in the Dommin catalog.

Enigmatic frontman and guitarist Kristofer Dommin said, “Rise is amusical evolution. I don’t enjoy repeating myself creatively so this album offers fans another face of the band. The songs are more empowering, maybe a bit more pissed­ off, and definitely a lot more tongue­-in­-cheek.”

Rise is the follow­-up to the band’s impressive debut Love Is Gone, released in 2010 by Roadrunner Records. Described as “the voice of the broken­hearted,” that album saw the quartet defining a new era of underground, goth-­inspired alt rock, influenced by the likes of The Doors, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Rammstein, and Type O Negative. First single “My Heart, Your Hands” was lauded as iTunes “Song of the Week” upon release.

Dommin hit the road supporting acts like Rob Zombie, HIM, Lacuna Coil, Volbeat, Black Veil Brides, Cancer Bats, and Bullet For My Valentine, as well as performing at international festivals including Soundwave (Australia), Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park (Germany), and Download (UK). The band then went on to pick up nominations for Best New Band and Best International Newcomer at the UK’s Metal Hammer Awards and Kerrang! Awards.

Soon though, the band faced some of their toughest times both personally and professionally, making the creation of Rise a long and arduous process from start to finish.

Over the tumultuous next three years, Dommin found themselves fighting against immobility, the pasage of time, and a host of personal challenges related to the changes happening at the band’s label and beyond.

The band members got jobs, paid their bills, and worked on extricating themselves from the legal tangle and putting their lives back together. Eventually free agents and fired up again, it would be nearly 2.5 years between when the songs were first recorded and when they were finally mixed.

Surprisingly, the fruit of that experience was not another melancholy collection of songs. Kristofer describes this period as giving new prophetic meaning to the music. “The songs were meant to describe a bouncing back from the heavy emotional turmoil of the first album’s message. What I didn’t know is that the songs would take on new significance when I lost my record deal, my relationship, and my father. I didn’t know that I would ended up needing the songs like I did and it forced me to live up to my own lyrics. We had to dig deep and find our strength and ask ourselves who we are and what we wanted.”

Rise is an exciting musical illustration of the resolve that one hopes
to find in the wreckage of broken relationships and damaged psyches.

Kristofer concludes, “This has been a personal evolution as well as a
musical evolution for the band. We’ve been reborn from the ashes and come out of the darkness bearing a light that we want the whole world to see.”

When asked about the message of Rise, he mused, “Maybe I’d coin this new album…the voice of the hopeful-­hearted.”

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