Dirty Heads & Sublime with Rome at Comerica Theatre

So I went out of my comfort zone on this one but I am pretty glad I did. On Sunday, July 31st, 2016 I was approved to cover Sublime with Rome and to my surprise I was asked to cover Dirty Heads that same night there at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, AZ.

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I swear there were more people lined up to get in than there is at a dispensary on 4/20. Dirty Heads took the stage around 8pm. A California grown band from Huntington Beach that has a hip hop and up tempo reggae style called ska punk mix. Dirty Heads released their first single “That’s All I Need” on April 20th, 2016 (yes on 4/20) from their newest album self titled, Dirty Heads, that later released on July 15th,2016. I have to say even though Sublime with Rome  was the headliner for this show, in all sincerity Dirty Heads stole the night. These guys know how to party and they are  one hell of crowd pleasing band.

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Sublime with Rome headed on stage around 9:30pm and things mellowed out. If you haven’t been in the know Sublime with Rome is a music collaboration between Eric Wilson, formerly of the band Sublime, and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez. Well after the death of Bradley Nowell, the founder, lead singer, and guitarist of the band Sublime, in 1996, Wilson and Ramirez joined together. I am pretty happy these guys continued on the great songs of Sublime and after much trial and tribulations they were able to make things work and get out there to please the fans.

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The night subsided but overall it was a great show. We here at Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Dirty Heads and Sublime with Rome for having us out.

-Written and Photographed by Beverly Shumway a.k.a AZ Snapz


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