Dirty Disco Coverage 2016

The desert was on fire in Chandler, AZ on Saturday May 21st, 2016. Dirty Disco had a wide variety of local DJ’s and people gathered to get dirty. This locally grown event has grown into an amazing experience that Sam Grove himself has worked so hard to nurture and it all started when “he lit the match” back in 2010.

Soundwave Brigade has pulled some information from the website of Relentless Beats themselves in their exclusive interview with the man himself, Sam Grove.
(Following information has been pulled from relentlessbeats.com)

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There are lots of people attending Dirty Disco for their first time this year. What was the event like in the past?

“The first event we ever did in February of 2010, the craziest storm hit Phoenix that day. Luckily the rain stopped once the event had started, but the ground was super muddy. Since we had to protect the equipment with tarps, we were hardly able to provide any sort of visual production. The weather had stopped a lot of people from driving out to the desert, but nonetheless we had a decent crowd dancing in the mud and watching the fire performers. The next one we did a few months later, we had clear skies and nothing to stop people from coming out. There was a thick vibe that everyone was connected with and a raw energy that pushed people to the edge, but kept everyone together and close. With well over a thousand people dancing out in the middle of nowhere until the sun came up, this was the night that set the tone for Dirty Disco events for years to come.”

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How has this event evolved over the years? What have been some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced?
“Each year has been different and unique in it’s own way. Since this was originally an illegal event, we changed locations every year to keep the authorities off our tail. That has been one of our biggest challenges. After our show in 2011, I knew that if this brand was to continue we would have to begin taking steps in the right direction to legitimize the event. So in 2012 I teamed up with Hades Entertainment to devise a long term plan for Dirty Disco. This was the first year that we had a private venue that could legally host an event like ours, but unfortunately the local authorities did not like our plans. The worst part is we found out the day before and had to change locations last minute, which was a total nightmare. Only a couple hours into the event, the local police and fire department showed up and actually shut us down. After about 20 minutes, they saw we had everything under control and let us continue with a compliment on our production and security. The biggest kick to the nuts came in 2014 when we lost a fully legal and established venue that we had used in 2013. Even though the property owners invited us back, the local authorities once again did not share the same view.

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I was absolutely crushed to announce that we were no longer able to produce an event that year. Luckily we were able to bring back the event in 2015 to Rawhide. This has allowed us to dramatically step things up with both our lineup and our production, without having the burden of heavy scrutiny from the authorities trying to stop our fun.”

We want to thank Hades Entertainment for allowing Soundwave Brigade to cover an amazing event. We can’t wait until next year to see what new and amazing developments come about.
Written and Photographed by Beverly Shumway a.k.a AZ Snapz

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