Dierdre: Releases new song “Dead Inside”


Dierdre Evans (Lead Vocals)
Jimi Powers (Guitars, Vocals)
Jimmy Caterine (Guitars, Vocals)
Dwain Miller (Drums)
James Kulon (Bass, Vocals)


Studio & Production Team:
Mike Bolenbach (Producer)
Ben Hall (Writer, Producer)
Byron Carrick (Writer, Producer)


Singer/songwriter Dierdre is a true powerhouse. She captivates you with her unique, compelling vocals; strong, aggressive, haunting, and beautiful all at the same time. Her dynamic voice, rich smoky tone, range, and versatility are displayed in the power and passion of her performances. Each song on her debut album will prove to be edgy, soulful, and deeply individual. Such musical and lyrical diversity is the foundation of Dierdre’s artistry. Her mesmerizing vocals, lyrics, and top notch band, have created a distinctive style that blend the finest elements of rock & roll with soul throughout. Dierdre is currently writing and recording her debut album with producers/songwriters Mike Bolenbach, Ben Hall and Byron Carrick at Full Well Studios in Phoenix, AZ. Her album is being mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, The Killers, Garbage, Arcade Fire) at The Lodge Mastering in NY, NY. This month, Dierdre is excited to release her eight single and rock anthem, “Hold Steady.” Dierdre performs out regularly around Phoenix at venues like The Rebel Lounge, Rockbar, Wasted Grain and Cooperstown. Be sure to catch one of her upcoming shows.




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