Deuce “Invincible” Album Review

Deuce – Invincible
Better Noise Records – Five Seven Music
By:  Leslie Rogers


Deuce is back with his new album release Invincible.  He’s angrier than ever and is aggressively pitching it in your face.  No curve balls.  No holds barred.  Invincible is his sophomore album and it continues to further disregard boundaries as he pushes limits deeper.  It was recorded in both Portland and Los Angeles and apparently, he feels that there is a difference in the mood of the songs recorded in each location.  The mixture of his dry, passionate rap monologue, fueled by his rage, along with the heavy guitar presence and catchy beat, make the album flow without an extensive struggle.  He embodies this rage relentlessly throughout as he makes his statement.  Quite a few, in fact, even though the lyrics are simple and almost predictable after the first couple of verses.  We all know he is salty about the situation with Hollywood Undead and many facets of the music industry as a whole and he translates that fury on this album.  Following “Here I Come” on the track list, “Hells Gonna Break Loose”, is strongly worded and lyrically, it might be the sharpest cutting song on the album.  Those two songs kick off Invincible with a bang.  There is no denying that this album is about throwing punches.  You can take your pick about who those are directed toward.

There are 14 tracks on this album and upon dissecting each song separately, there are moments where appreciation and sincerity are conveyed.  This can be heard and felt the most in track number ten, “Thank You”. This track completely opposes the rowdy structure of the rest of the album but these moments, however, are stuck between the many variations of the pissed off role he portrays throughout.  As he voices this over and over, some things are lost in translation and can be easily overlooked, but shouldn’t be.  This is not said to condemn the album but only to explain that though the energy is solid and consistent and the overall beat of it captures and seems to keep your attention, the anger does overpower everything in between.  Clearly, this is the mission of this album, so he accomplished the goal he set out to achieve perfectly.   All in all, Invincible is a contagious and captivating follow up to his debut and Deuce deserves applause for not holding back and making such a loud, persistent, and undeniable emotional exclamation.  Visit Deuce at his website here:  There you can learn more about the man behind the mask and order or stream the album and learn to appreciate the music yourself.

Full track list:

  1. Here I Come
  2. Hells Gonna Break Loose
  3. Bitch This Is It
  4. Gone Tomorrow Here Today
  5. World On Fire
  6. My Buddy
  7. Invincible
  8. Bad Attitude
  9. Best Of Me
  10. Thank You
  11. Catch Me If You Can
  12. It’s Alright It’s OK
  13. Talking About You
  14. Pull Me Under


Watch the video for “Here I Come”

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