Deftones At Mesa Amphitheatre August 2016

On August 31st 2016, Soundwave Brigade set out to cover Deftones out at Mesa Amphitheatre. With it being on a Wednesday and the temps still in the 100’s I wasn’t sure how the crowd would be.. After arriving a little early I could tell it was going to be a full house with the amount of people already lined up to get into the venue.

With setlist of 20 songs, Deftones fans were happy, sweaty and their voices were hoarse for the rest of the weekend.


Sergio Vega emerged first as Deftones prepared to start their encore late Wednesday night at the Amphitheatre, subtlety plucking his bass strings to summon his bandmates. In the seven years since Vega joined the band after original bassist Chi Cheng fell into a coma following a car wreck, he has become as much the heart of the alt-metal masters as the now-deceased Cheng.

The set began with hard-hitting “Rocket Skates” from their Diamond Eyes album, followed by “Geometric Headdress” and a notable favorite “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away).”

In terms of raucousness, the co-apexes of the 95-minute set came with Moreno screaming in fans’ faces during the breakdowns of “Diamond Eyes” and “Gore,” while Vega flung himself around in the background and guitarist Stephen Carpenter riffed semi-stoically. The music of the Deftones is complimented by some incredible production and lighting which highlights the layers of the music that can go from mesmerizing and melodic to complete chaos


The band is touring in support of their new album Gore and they dished out new tunes such as the title track, “Acid Hologram” and “Hearts/Wires.”


Closing the night out we heard “(L)MIRL” & “Passenger”. For the encore we have “Headup”, “Bored” & to close it up was “Engine No. 9”. Like always they finished the night strong. Teh fans left soaked in sweat & beer from the wild night they had..

Coverage/Photos By: Adam Messler

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