Ded – “MISANTHROPE” Album Review

“Mis-An-Thrope” – DED – Album Review
1 disc, 12 songs
Written by: Tori Otamas of Break Free Co

For a couple of cynics disliking humankind, alongside the insanity that the world has welcomed, DED derives a sense of comfort and support through angst and understanding. While allowing fans to deal with the world a bit easier with their brand new album, “Mis-An-Thrope”, we are brought juicy metal that many have been waiting to unfold. These Arizonians are bringing the heat, and no one will be asking for an ice bucket…

Opening the album with track titled, “Architect”, and with no hesitation, one is introduced to the power of DED! Unleashing whipping guitars, confidence within the screams, warm and empowering cleans, electrifying synth, and punching drums. A story told of being under the influence to be a certain way, yet having the will-power to escape the influences, to be you, and prove who you are with actions over words is what “Architect” captures. One could even take the track as a message that though it may be difficult to fit in, “go psycho” and just release everything you are and do not hold back. Crafty, DED uses the word “architect” to represent the person you are building, the strong foundation of self one builds, and the process of becoming who you truly want to be. One can feel a Slipknot meets Of Mice & Men influence- and damn is it kick ass!

Though Slipknot may be an influence, DED brings in such diversity of style within the metal and rock realm. Other influences one may hear are Breaking Benjamin, Motionless In White, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Starset, and Linkin Park. Though there are many examples listed, their sound cannot compare to anything you’ve heard, being such a creative mix within each track- not one track is like the other.

Personal highlights of the album are single, “Anti-Everything”, “Remember The Enemy”, “I Exist”, and “Beautiful”- being almost impossible to pinpoint favorites since the whole album is just immaculate!

The album has a theme of survival of the fittest, in a sense of acquiring tenacity through the shit humankind forces us to go through, day to day. From shitty people, to self-infliction with a toxic mindset, to noxious relationships and more, DED hits the core with anger bursting through the monitors. The album also offers sensitivity, unveiling deep and dark emotions of mental instability, a learned care-free attitude due to pain, and loneliness in being full of good character in a world full of those who betray and exploit. The album includes beautifully written metaphors and truly generates beautiful art within imagery.

Embrace fresh new metal, and find a new album that speaks to the heart, frees the animosity inside, and open your eyes to each emotion under the umbrella of pain.

Be a good person, learn the DED way – check out “Mis-An-Thrope”, you surely won’t regret this 10 out of 10 album.


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