DEATHGRIP Performance At Joe’s Grotto Aug 2016

       Soundwave Brigade was out at Joe’s Grotto this past Saturday on August 6th, 2016 and we bring you our coverage of another local based Metal band known as Deathgrip, as they join many other local bands here tonight to support Flotsam and Jetsam!

       Forming in October of 2013, Deathgrip hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has an in your face Metal approach to the way they create and perform their music, as by their description as “Pure Arizona Melodic Thrashcore”. Their current lineup consists of Eric Seals (Vocals), Adam Hoskins (Guitars, Vocals), Matt Miller (Guitars, Vocals), Roy Elliott (Bass), and their newest member Danny Nelson (Drums), who joined the band in May 2016.

       Assembling on stage, Eric greets the crowd with screaming, “Joe’s Grotto!, We are Deathgrip”, and unleash the first song of their set with “War is Hell”. Performing on a tightly packed stage full of gear, the members of Deathgrip make use of the stage and engage the crowd with Adam and Roy headbanging and throwing down in unison. At the end of “Your Silence”, Eric takes a moment to welcome the crowd and introduce their new drummer Danny Nelson, and asks the audience to show him some love.

       Deathgrip continues on with their show, amid the flashing lights and screams from the crowd, the band has a smooth technique of transitioning and alternating the teamwork between the members as they play live as it is very visible to see who is is working together and blending their parts as they play. With Eric, Matt, and Adam adding to the mix of vocals, to Roy and Danny all operating as a team of audio chaos as they deliver their own style of Metal, that was met by the approval of metalheads as they finished their show.

       Deathgrip came on stage and came on strong in true Metal fashion and Soundwave Brigade has video of their performance to share with you, so please enjoy our live footage of Deathgrip as they perform “War is Hell”.



       Deathgrip has performed around the valley and has shared the stage with some notable Metal acts such as Prong, and Sepultura, and they have some upcoming shows in the near future. Deathgrip is currently managed by Phoenix Amazon Entertainment and they are also in the process of writing new material and planning on releasing an EP in early 2017, Deathgrip has just issued an update concerning their music… check their Facebook page for more information on their special offer. Their next upcoming show is August 26th, at Joe’s Grotto, so for more information and updates about Deathgrip, we have some links below for you to check them out at.

       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Janet from Phoenix Amazon Entertainment for inviting us, as well as the staff of Joe’s Grotto for their hospitality, 13th Floor Entertainment, and Deathgrip for performing and all others who came together and made this show happen.

       Coverage provided by Alex at

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