“Dramatically surreal…an impactful visual representation of their depth and growing tenacity.”
– Baeble Music

New York based indie rock band DAWNS have released their official video for “Human”, which premiered recently on Baeble Music. The single is the first from their upcoming EP, out later this year. Check out the video below.

“DAWNS is multi-faceted and sonically ambitious three-piece. Imbued with elements of electronic and R&B, DAWNS possesses an admirable sense of intentionality in their music, and standout as an aesthetically conscious, artfully crafted whole.”  – Baeble Music

“The writing process for ‘Human’ was filled with creative surprises from start to finish. The entire song was written around a randomly arranged sample of guitar feedback. The vaguely unhinged mood of that short sample ended up dictating the theme of the song, both instrumentally and vocally. Lyrically, the song touches on the duality of being human – it explores that question of whether or not we are more than our bodies.


This music video was our first time working with director Salvatore Rubino and it was an incredible experience. Salvatore is an amazing talent and total visionary, and his meticulous attention to detail shows in the video. Much like the sort of haphazard way the song was written and recorded, the video itself was a happy accident. We actually had an entirely different music video planned and shot for the song; but after filming, we happened upon an amazing location and ended up shooting an entirely different video, the one that you see now.”  


– DAWNS vocalist, Josh Perna


DAWNS consists of Josh Perna (vocals), Aaron Brown (guitar), and Matt Carpenter (drums).


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