Dawn of Ashes – “Daemonolatry Gnosis” Album Review

1 disc, 12 tracks
Written By: Philip Hernandez

This album review features an album with twelve tracks. Tid bit’s about Dawn of Ashes: They are a five man band based in Los Angelis, Ca., their music is referred to as Metal / Industrial Black Metal / Extreme Metal. You can find them on reverbnation.com ( 3 songs not on this album review), and of course on Facebook. Their band photo depicts them in costume and makeup that looks like a squad from The Assassin video games, crossed with the hideous clan of man monsters from The Thirteenth Warrior.

So let’s, to coin an old phrase…spin through the music.

Song 1 The Initiation 1:39 ~ Starts off with what you would consider a movie soundtrack intro, that…exactly that, just stops after the minute and 39 seconds..

Song 2 Gods Of The Antinomian Path 4:08 ~ A mega phone voice states “ I warn You, but this could scare you” immediately erupting into a speed of double kick drum with speed rolls of snare drum , and descending tom toms. The guitar enters with solid chords and speed riffs that support continued syncopated speed blasts of drums, all supported by orchestral sounding synth. keyboards. Once this intro establishes a theme, the full onslaught of the band takes assault on your presence of mind with speed crunching intensity, while dark growling vocals deliver the verbal heed to warning. The song arrangement consists of alternating tempo attacks, with a breath of intermission almost halfway through, only to continue as Gods of the Antinomian Path.

Song 3 Smash Thy Enemies 4:05 ~ This track is a clear continuation of the sound of what you would expect to hear from Industrial Black Speed Metal. Crunchy speed licks of guitar, speed rhythms of bass and drums, deep dark vocals, and keyboards that haunt with supporting chills.

Song 4 Guardians 6:06 ~ I gotta say, I took immediately to this song. The intro of synth., horn sounds, pounding tribal drums with an escalating orchestral string build up. All to flow right into the intense surge of epic proportions. The main body of this longer than normal air play track time, drives with a solid mesh of guitar, bass, and double kick drum. The dark vocals and synth. supporting sounds layer in as this call to guardians resounds.

Song 5 Core Of The Black Sun 6:35 ~ You got four seconds to hear the whispers, then you get knocked down by the immediate intensity of this track. Not to worry, it takes a more subdued tempo briefly, to massage your preparedness for deliberate attack. The arrangement of this song toggles between pure speeeed metal, and an anthem of deliberate pace.

Song 6 The Ritual 2:27 ~  this couple minutes is more of what one might consider an intermission interlude…no more, no less.

Song 7 Augoeides 5: 26 ~ Guitar fades in this song, to reveal a slow and steady trudge, that eventually introduces some double kick to ramp things up, just a notch. Then it falls back into a slight black industrial vamp, to revisit the steady trudge, and the double kick rhythms with bass as the guitar screams lead over pulse.

Song 8 Sermon From The Horned God 5:36 ~ Eerie keys introduce this song, as the rest of the band comes into the song with a steady pounding, that becomes a more syncopated burst after burst. Then you get that taste of speed metal to tie it back into a mix of all the preceding layered together.

Song 9 I Am Nephilm 4:54 ~ This song is one intricate combination of attack rhythms supporting the dark demonic vocals. This with no surprise vamps into the heavy drudgery of head banging you might brace your neck for.

Song 10 Rulership Of The Inner World 5:22 ~ This song has that industrial / movie soundtrack introducing the upcoming onslaught of Dawn Of Ashes Dark industrial speed metal sound.

Song 11 Magik For The New Aeon ( featuring  LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT) 5:51~ This song is a steady metal groove with Lindsay’s vocal lingering throughout, combined with the sinister male vocalist lyrics. This track definitely lends itself to having an epic sound to it.

Song 12 Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover) 6:23 ~ This song is a well represented track of what Dawn Of Ashes can do with a cover song. Full of great tempo’s, and a kicking arrangement of speed attack.

To sum up this album review, it is defiantly a worth listening to, even if you’re not a Dark Industrial  Black Metal / Extreme Metal / Speed Metal genre listener. You will find some interesting work put into this album by Dawn of Ashes. Step over to the Dark side and expand you listening ear.




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