Davey Suicide “Made From Fire” Album Review

Review By: Rachelle Hoffman


The new album, Made From Fire, by Davey Suicide has a fresh new sound behind this album.  The alternative metal group has been around since about 2011, and I feel as a long time fan of their music, this one stands out from the others. They have grow as each album has been released and they make improvements each time.  Dont get me wrong each album has its own way of standing out though. Davey has a passion for the industry, you can tell if you have ever seen them live or followed them for any length of time.  They have a unique sound but it still flows with their previous albums, when you hear it you can recognize who it is.  Too Many Freaks is one of my favorites on this album. I feel like a lot of people will be able to relate to this one. If you watch the video it was put together very well.  The fact he can work with other well know artists as well, brings diversity to the song and really adds to it in a positive way. Daveys passion for the music and this latest album really shines through and  you can hear is with almost every single song. I highly recommend checking this out. You will not be disappointed.






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