Cypecore “The Alliance” Album Review

Cypecore – “The Alliance”
By: Tom Hanno


Cypecore takes place in the year 2133, and is one hell of a kick ass cyber-thrash group; hailing from Mannheim, Germany, and bringing us a brand of music that is absolutely worth listening to. Prior to writing this review, for The Alliance, I checked out their Facebook page, and found they have a short back story. “Cypecore takes place in 2133. After World War III the human race got nearly exterminated by itself; devastation. Major areas of the earth’s surface are contaminated with radiation. Synthetic body parts are absolutely essential for survival. High tech squads are fighting for resources. Cypecore is the incarnation of this apocalyptic scenario.” Their stage attire fits in with this description, with their futuristic, lighted, body armor-ish, outfits. This is a very cool theme, and, in my opinion, makes the group more interesting.

Musically this album is a blend of Fear Factory, Slipknot, and Rammstein, and some melodic death metal thrown in for good measure. The title track of this album is a good example of what I’m talking about, with its Fear Factory styled riffing, and the industrial type keyboards underneath. This was my introduction to the group, and I was hooked immediately. The vocals are brutal, yet not so brutal as to be indecipherable. The chorus is very impressive as well; it’s just a huge, memorable part with great melody.

“Dreamsmasher” is my favorite track on the album. The intro is just heavy, almost a little djent, but once the verse hits its heavy, aggressive, with its start/stop blur of 16th notes. The vocals are, once again, simply awesome. I really dig the tone he has, and how he executes his vocals; during the chorus the cleans sound equally fantastic, almost metal-core like, with the heavy vocals working together with those cleans. The breakdown is super heavy, and the guitar tone is sick!

“Remembrance” opens with an almost bluesy riff, with just the slightest hint of overdrive on it. The vocals come in, subdued, building to the main section of the track. The song hits with an altered version of that riff, and is immediately as heavy as the gates of hell. At about the minute and 50 second mark a vocal part comes in, with a robotic sounding effect on it. I absolutely love this, and it happens in a few places in the song. The sound just adds to the overall feel of this track, and also meshes with their story. The section at the four minute and ten second mark is also extremely awesome.

“Leviathan” has a short, almost church-like keyboard piece, and then, suddenly, it bludgeons you with a heavy riff, reminiscent of Machine Head. When the vocals come in this part changes into a heavier version of that riff, and continues to bludgeon you. This whole track is phenomenal, super heavy, and melodic, with those killer vocals that are going on throughout this entire album.

Cypecore has released one of the best albums I’ve heard from this genre in a very long time; topping the newest Fear Factory record, which took me a long time to like. The Alliance is available now, and if you don’t go get it then you’re crazier than I am, it’s really that damn good. Enjoy!!!!!

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