Cydemind – Erosion – Album Review

1 disc, 6 tracks
Written By: Kat Se7en of Element a440



Cydemind Releases Thunderous First Official Full Length Album, Erosion


Oh, Canada my how you’ve done it again! Montreal-based prog-metal band Cydemind has pulled all the proggy strings with their full length LP Erosion, an instrumental journey mixing a superb amount of jazz, classical, and of course a concrete base of progressive rock and metal. With their 2014 release ‘Through Mists and Ages’ and 2015 single ‘What Remains’, the quintet is surely on the rise with Erosion!


Band members Kevin Paquet (guitar), Alexandre Dagenais (drums), Nico Damoulianos (bass), Camille Delage (keyboards/piano), and Oliver Allard (violin) create a unique blend of hypnotizing, musical splendor focusing on the theme of nature as only 6 tracks will guide you through thunderous symphonies and wanderlust of melody.


Allard, picking up his first violin at the ripe age of 7 and now with a master’s degree in violin performance at the University of Montreal, has well proven that there really is a special place for strings in the metal community with influences like string master David Garrett, who has also excelled in the art of performance violin.


There is no stopping for Cydemind as it is clear their euphonious stamina, yet monstrous sound has taken progressive-metal to new heights with title track Erosion, clocking in at a massive 27:19 minutes. I recommend closing your eyes for this one, forget about the definition of what time is, and let your mind escape the perils of the world. No words are necessary as each cadence paints a picture of just what Cydemind is striving to accomplish here.


Although this fully instrumental expedition into the vast minds of some phenomenal musicians have proven no lyrics are needed, Cydemind’s Erosion speaks for itself as the album displays a beautiful layout with art from drummer Alexandre Dagenais, with each musical piece highlighted with poetic infusion by keyboardist Camille Delage describing each crushing track. Erosion is available now on Amazon, ITunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, Spotify and all other major online retailers. So for all you hardcore prog-metal fans out there, I would not hesitate. Get a copy today!


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