coverage at coopers town feb 2016

Music’s first night out and coverage of Alice Coopers’town in Phoenix, Arizona.


So it’s February 19th and we at Music Watchdog get together and collect our gear and make our final preparations after previewing Cooper’stown’s menu on their website and head downtown to Cooper’stown in search of food and some good’ol Rock n’ Roll.

Alright we’re here and entering the gates of Cooper’stown where we are greeted by Barbi of CO-OP’s management and after discussing some details about tonight’s show we make our way into the restaurant.Just after entering the doors, we were greeted by the host and then distracted by all the eye candy……there is a lot of memorabilia adorning the walls and it’s all over the place.Truly a museum in it’s own right and it’s also an eatery and bar as well, so now for us to exercise some American tradition and order us some cheeseburgers (The “Ryan Sandburger” with cheese) and fries, with a sides of Nightmare chili. The burgers were really tasty and the Nightmare chili was awesome!

So now that the food goal has been achieved, now it’s time to head out to the stage area and do what we came here to do…..unpack our gear, survey, and set up for tonight’s show!


Tonight’s lineup is Scott Semple, Dierdre, Buried as Thieves, and CO-OP!

First up is Scott Semple,a local teacher and musician from Scottsdale,Arizona. With people gathered on the patio before the rock acts were entertained by an old school acoustic set performance.

_F8A6639 (Large)

Second up for tonight is Dierdre,another first encounter for Music Watchdog. At first glance upon taking the stage was something obvious and not all that common, but not unheard of….was three guitarists, a bassist, and drummer backing Dierdre, the vocalist. Their performance was very evenly paced without drowning each other out, and Dierdre’s vocals will catch your attention with her clarity and range. Their set had some variety to it as well,including a duet…… they got up there and rocked in an old school classical fashion that was impressive and flat out cool!

_F8A6712 (Large)

Third up is Buried as Thieves, and we’ve seen these guys before at other venues. But this being the first time covering them. This band loves to throwdown on stage and interact with the audience and we have the coverage that proves it. This band describes themselves as a modern hard rock band with an industrial twist. With taking the stage and laying down their set, and taking short moments to ask those in attendance if the were having a good time…it was obvious they were too.The night and show just keeps getting better!

_F8A7155 (Large)

Please take the time and enjoy this footage of Buried as Performing “Outlaw” and enjoy the wide view!

And now it’s time for the final act of the show…It’s time for CO-OP to take the stage!

_F8A7550 (Large)

CO-OP takes the stage and engages in what they describe as desert hard rock, and rock is what they delivered, with a sound that can take you back to bygone ages of the 70’s and 90’s grunge without the need to gargle glass to achieve the vocal range.With delivering a melodic tempo of highs and lows backed by awesome breakdowns that the audience appreciated and got into the rhythm of the show. CO-OP will take you along for a rock’n roll ride in the present,while paying homage to many greats of the past!   

To some up the night, it was a very cool laid back progression of rock music followed by great interaction with all who performed on this night as well as those who came out to see it.It was a great show with all the bands being based here in Phoenix Arizona,and supporting and welcoming each other to the stage is really cool to see this kind of interaction with each other and their fans as well.This really is the local music scene we love to cover and share with you all!

Music Watchdog wants to thank all the performing artists for welcoming us to cover them, and to the staff of Cooper’stown for the great hospitality and service, and this includes the employee that really tried to find a pair of xl shirts for us, but were sold out. Great food,great vibe, and an all around great show for us and we look forward to doing this again.

Thank you all very much from Adam and Alex at Music


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