Covenant “The Blinding Dark” Album Review

Review By: Zander Buel

If anything can be attributed to Covenant’s longevity, it’s always been their forgoing of traditional club song structures, a progression that many other bands of their ilk have not followed. Even during their less inspired moments, Eskil and co.’s approach to album craft is often second to none in the electro-industrial scene. The Blinding Dark is another example of this, purported to be Covenant’s reaction to recent world events. The result is a strikingly emotional record.

The Blinding Dark is a moody album, to be sure. “Sound Mirrors” ramps things up with a constant build of heavy beats and soaring, almost angelic keys, sounding ready to give at any moment. “I Close My Eyes” is yearning and desperate, and it recalls “Invisible & Silent” in its longing synth choir and Eskil’s pleas for a better world. “A Rider on a White Horse” is the surprise here, a duet between Eskil and a female vocalist atop the slow burn of a bassline, hollow beats, and distant crashes and howls. It almost sounds like Covenant’s take on country music.

What makes The Blinding Dark such an interesting installment in Covenant’s catalog is its restraint. Even at its clubbiest, none of the songs sound geared for anthems or bangers. “Morning Star” is a somber hum of gentle arpeggios and buzzing atmospherics, and “If I Give My Soul” never sacrifices its withdrawn musings for dancefloor fare, despite the upbeat tone. Closers “Fulwell” and “Summon Your Spirit” take the record into unapologetically cacophonous territory, whether it’s jazzy drums and faraway echoes or caustic swells of dark ambient noise. The Blinding Dark is Covenant’s step out of the club completely, while never straying far from what made them so memorable in the first place. In both ambition and execution, it stands as Covenant’s moodiest and murkiest statement to date.



1. Fulwell (intro)
2. I Close My Eyes
3. Morning Star
4. Cold Reading
5. A Rider On A White Horse
6. Interlude
7. Dies Irae
8. Sound Mirrors (Fulwell)
9. Interlude
10. If I Give My Soul
11. Summon Your Spirit

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The Blinding Dark will be released November 4th on Metropolis Records in North America.

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Covenant. It’s a name that implies extraordinary commitment, a certain grandiosity, and a bond stronger than blood. As a name, Covenant—with its biblical overtones—was perhaps a bit ambitious for an upstart band of teenagers from southern Sweden armed with rudimentary electronics, but it ended up being extraordinarily fitting. Whether or not life subsequently imitated art or art subsequently imitated life is debatable, either way the band’s moniker ended up perfectly summing up the vision, grandeur, and brotherhood that is the band itself.

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