Country Thunder 2017 Coverage

Country Thunder 2017…if you are not sure what that means then with all due respect you must be living under a rock. Four days of pure dirt kickin’ craziness and absolute mind blowing amazing fun. Food, drinks, vendors, camping, parties, and oh let’s not forget the concerts. Amongst the superstar lineup, just to name a few, were Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Thomas Rhett, Chris Young, Tyler Far, Joe Nichols, LOCASH, Frankie Ballard, Terri Clark, Gunner & The Grizzly Boys and the list just goes on.

We met up with first time Country Thunder vendor Jason McMahon of Twisted Airbrushing and asked a few questions about his experience:

So this was your 1st Country Thunder?

– As a vendor yes.

So what was your 1st impression?

– There was a lot of people and I hope they loved what I did there with my art.

Did you do better than you thought you were going to? How do you think people reacted to the body painting?

– We didn’t do as well as I thought. I think people were shocked at this type of art being pulled off live at an event.

How long have you been airbrushing?

– 24 years. I have been body painting a little over 15 years now.

What was your best piece of the weekend?

– I think the Star Wars was the hardest. Each piece was my favorite as it is my art. But I couldn’t have done it without my team of artists with me.

You were also doing airbrush tattoos. What was the funniest piece requested?

– A tramp stamp a guys friend has requested was the funniest. It said “I’ll take anything” and it was placed right above his ass.

Is Twisted Airbrushing planning on coming out next year?

– We will see how the rest of the year goes. We would love to return.


If you missed out on this amazing event don’t worry Country Thunder 2018 tickets are already up for sale but only for those existing customers that are wanting to renew their seating or camping tickets. Not to worry general public tickets are sure to go on sale soon enough.

Soundwave Brigade would like to thank the people of Country Thunder for having us and hope to see you next year.

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