Cosmic Wool – “Cosmic Wool” Album Review

Cosmic Wool – “Cosmic Wool” (Nemesis Records / Vanity Music Group)
By: Tom Hanno


Cosmic Wool, a rock band from Oklahoma City, was formed by two brothers, Nevada and Rado Romo (both formerly with Nuclear Blast artists Anti-Mortem and Nevada currently also a member of Texas Hippie Coalition). Their original focus was as a jam band between the brothers touring gigs. After Anti-Mortem dissolved, Cosmic Wool became the main focus for them both. Musically, the band is hard to put into one box, “Some fans yell “SPACE-ROCK!!”, while others claim disco has returned when they hear our music. Fans can’t figure out how to pin the sound down, but they come back for more – it’s the only place the only place they know where to get it,” describes vocalist Nevada Rado.” Their Facebook page describes them as “A groove driven, trance inducing 4-piece rock band”, but no matter what you call it, these guys play some killer rock based tunes!

“Hole for my Head”, the album opener, slightly reminds me of a guitar riff that Collective Soul might use. The chorus has a Chris Cornell sound vocally, which I absolutely love, the heavier edge of Cornell’s voice. The music is great as well, providing some great guitar playing, and some really cool effects pedal work. This band is slightly psychedelic in their approach to songwriting, and it works so well for them as a whole; it definitely is “trance inducing” music due to this.

One of my favorite tracks here is called “Nina Cherry”, and it is mostly because the groove is so heavy; not heavy as in distortion, and down-picking, but as in an extremely solid bass and drum driven verse part. The groove never ends either, even when the guitars get distorted and heavier, which is what I love about this one; the groove is all encompassing.

The very next track is called “Only 2”, and it brings the funk that bands like Marron 5 use, but in a more rock oriented way. The chorus is catchy as hell, not just the vocal melody, but the whole package. There’s a kind of spacey mid-section, just before the solo (which rips by the way), that gets used as a bridge into that lead section.

Another track that has a nice funk feel is “What I’ve Been up To All Alone”. This band has that funk rock sound down, making this album quite a bit more diverse than I first expected it to be. The really cool thing is that it never feels overdone either; they use it very wisely within the context of the songs on this album.

Cosmic Wool’s self-titled debut is available now, and I believe that everyone who loves solid rock music should go check this band out. I’ll drop a link to their Facebook page below!!!

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