Combichrist • This Is Where Death Begins • Album Review

41 songs, Limited Edition, 3 Discs
By: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


Combichrist heard you, you wanted more… but they wanted assure to satisfy your cravings by proving a 3-disc limited edition album, titled “This is Where Death Begins”. With each track serving up something distinctive and diverse, you sit back and wonder what the writing process was like! If Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, FGFC820, The Sisters of Mercy, and Disturbed decided to collab then ask Slipknot and Avatar to take the wheel for a few tracks, this album would be that product. Straying from their heavy rock roots, this daring and valiant album screams cocksure attitude! Amped up, striking, and divergent, it’s edgy, appealing, and the imagery is stunning- I mean, you’ve got to listen to “Homeward”.



Vocals go from dark Transylvanian vampire to echoes within an industrial rave club, 0 to 100 on a spectrum, really quick! Though 41 songs, energy does NOT die down. It only gradually builds. As the album progresses, you see a strengthening shift from attitude-driven industrial synth-like tracks which then translates into their known, aggressive and heavy, metal tone, eventually drifting back to the industrial rave-like sound but this time with little to no vocals. There is such a rollercoaster of variation that if you skip three tracks, you may end up in a whole new genre! Though it is a fun album to listen to, and lyrics can be repetitive, there are some key takeaways one could get from this album. A track like “Exit Eternity” raises the question of “Where do we go?” and/or “Where do we go when there is no end” – kind of taking a positive route in saying that we will never end but we wonder what the process may be. Differing from that, one can look into the track “Pay to Play” taking it as needing to play the game of life. To enjoy life while you can because we never know when we will die. With a collection of taking plunges into a new realm, we see the ballsy succession of Combichrist and their album, “This Is Where Death Begins”. Giving this a rating of 8 out of 10, be sure to check it out- 41 tracks passes by way quicker when you fall in love with each track in a different way.



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