Cold Kingdom at Last Exit Live

On Saturday, March 17 2018, Cold Kingdom shared the stage with 1967, Sleep Signals and Interfate at Last Exit Live in Downtown Phoenix for Paramount Entertainments “Feeling Lucky?” event. The first band, 1967 started the show giving the crowd a warm-up for the night, allowing the crowd to settle in and relax as they played.

Sleep Signals, the second band of the night drew the crowd into the standing floor with their punk rock sound. The fans gather to the front of the stage slowly as the set went on; slowly the fans begin to loosen up and feel the music sway themselves into cheering and bouncing of their heads. The highlight of the night for the fans and crowd during Sleep Signals set, in which drew a larger crowd, was at the end of their set when they did a cover of Seals’ “Kiss From A Rose”, where the crowd began to sing along.

With great warm-up of the previous two bands Cold Kingdom takes the stage and the fans flood the standing floor. They play songs of their two albums, one a self-titled album and the other named “The Moon and the Fool”. Their set is filled with fast and heavily amped songs from beginning to end with never a a dying moment. Each of the band members bring their own personality to the show giving the fans a visual that matches the energy filled set that comes from their music. The fans show their appreciation towards the band by cheering, head banging and squeezing tighter together and getting more close to the stage to be involved with the created energy that Cold Kingdom had created.

As Cold Kingdom finishes their set, in which they leave the crowd amped and awoke the fans disband to the merchandise booth to purchase product from what they just heard. As the crowd is outside by the merchandise booth, local band Interfate sets up the stage for their set to come. As the crowd finishes the purchase frenzy they make their way back inside the venue for the band Interfate to play. The crowd amped and excited begin to squeeze tightly together then Interfate hits them with a set filled with excitement, energy and great showmanship which the crowd goes wild; screaming, cheering and jumping.

Cold Kingdom

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Sleep Signals

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