Clutch at Marquee Theatre – Oct 2018 Show Coverage

Coverage/Photos By Adam Messler

October, 15th 2018, Soundwave Brigade set off to Marquee Theatre in Tempe, AZ to cover the Clutch show. Also joining the bill was Sevendust and Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown. With a mix of different genres I was curious how the night would play out.

First up on stage was Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown. A Rock ‘N’ Roll band straight out at Nashville and it showed. As soon as they started I knew they would be playing a killer set. Giving such a high-energy performance I had to show them some love as well. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown have been the go-to support for some of rock’s biggest names – AC/DC, Zakk Wylde and Guns N Roses just to name a few. Opening up the night with songs such as “Weak & Weepin’”, & “Criminal Imagination” the crowd was getting pumped for the night. I’d suggest if you have yet to catch them live you do so.

Sevendust took the stage next. As a long time fan and listing to them growing up, it’s always great to see those you love listening to. Opening the set with “Dirty” off the latest album “All I See Is War“. Bringing back an old from from 2007 and kicking it up a notch they hit “Face to Face” up next. Also throwing in some “Denial”, “Bitch” and closing it out with “Thank You”.

By this time Clutch fans were pumped as they took the stage. As long time Clutch fans and even new ones gather they opened up with “Sonic Counselor”. Their combination of metal, hard rock, and stoner metal fit pretty well with Clutch. They sounded great and did a good job of getting everyone in the right mindset for the show. Having covered them previously in Vegas for the Las Rageous festival I really wanted to see them on a separate tour. Kicking things into gear and going into “The Elephant Riders” it seemed like all the stoners were lighting up at the show. The strong whiff of weed circled in the air. Continuing the setlist with “Vision Quest”, “H.B. Is in Control” & “A Shogun Named Marcus” the crowd was really getting into it. By the end of the night and a few beers and joints later Clutch finished off the night with an encore of “Lorelei” & “How to Shake Hands”.

We at Soundwave Brigade would like to thank everyone for having us out and all the staff at Marquee Theatre for putting on another great show.



Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

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