CKY • The Phoenix • Album Review

8 tracks, 1 disc
By: Tori Otamas of Break Free CO


CKY release a noteworthy, sassy, and classy new album, “The Phoenix”. Easily identifiable, one is able to indicate their classic rock influence- however their sound is authentic, pure, and new! Modernizing and revitalizing the 70’s/80’s style that we know, love, and miss, it is hard not to be enthralled and enraptured. With tasteful guitars that emanate exquisite skill including attractive attacks, euphonious solos, and catchy rhythms- you’re hooked (no pun intended).



Featuring soulful and catchy rhythmic succession, we also hear beautiful organ add-ins. With the superlative blend of funk alongside classic and hard rock qualities, you only desire more! Tonality is very bright, dancey, and feel-good. Notable tracks, personally, were definitely “Unknown Enemy”, “Days of Self-Destruction”, and “Better Than Get Even”- complimenting the contrast with Funk and Classic/Hard Rock blend within the album. “Unknown Enemy” was the funky track of this album. This song is a guaranteed dance party packed into 3 minutes and 45 seconds. If it doesn’t get you head-bopping, I don’t know what will. “Days of Self-Destruction” was hard rock with a pinch of funk, displaying the hard rock influence contrasting with expressive organ featured. With an unexpected punch, the listener is hit with a shredding storm! The solo faded into the end of the song, which only left the listener craving more CKY. You are able to see the 80s rock influence, like Guns N Roses, within the instrumentation style. “Days of Self-Destruction” seems to have inspiration from Appetite For Destruction. “Better Than Get Even” is the last track. It begins very dark and somber, and heavy with charging riffs! It was truly difficult to call these favorites, considering that each track is admirable on its own. The intendment and portrayal of the lyrics are to express being human- from feeling anger to empowerment, attitude, fear, or even cheekiness. The lyrics are playful, fun, and packed with imagery.



If you’re a fan of Sixx A.M., Guns N Roses, The Struts, Soundgarden, or Motley Crüe- this band may need an add to your playlist! Be sure to check out “The Phoenix”, out June 16th, 2017!


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