candyman takeover at livewire jan 2016

Coverage/Photos By: Beverly Shumway


On Saturday January 6th, 2016 LiveWire and SL Entertainment hosted the I love the 90’s Candyman 25th Anniversary Concert that took us back in time to the music that included tunes and performances from the Candyman himself,  N2Deep, M.I.K, Lighter Shade of Brown, West Coast Ill V, S.O.B, Skeelo, Mellowman Ace, Second II None, Vanilla Spice, and even 2Pac (impersonator). The show even included break dancers from the FootKlan that tore up the stage with their dance moves.

5970 (Medium)

It was all that and a bag of chips. Not a dull moment throughout the whole night. At one point during the show Candyman brought up three contestants to sing the female part of his 1990 hit release Knockin’ Boots song.

6015 (Medium)

Words cannot even describe the wonderful chaos that gathered on the stage with an impromptu collaboration by ALL of the performers, backed up by a real live band by the name of Vanilla Spice that took over the venue.

6361 (Medium)

Great performances by everyone and the audience interaction definitely had the crowd going. Hands down best 90’s throwback concert to date.


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