Butcher Babies “Lilith” Album Review

“Lilith” by Butcher Babies – Album Review
1 disc, 11 tracks
Written by: Trenton E. Worsham


Butcher Babies released their new record ‘Lilith’ recently and for anyone familiar with the band, it’s quite a departure from ‘Take It Like A Man’. While they maintain the heavy side of the band, they have gone for more of a raw feel. ‘Burn The Straw Man’ unleashes havoc on the listener and is a perfect opener for the record. One can pick up some influences throughout this album as it goes along, most notably a Pantera meets modern metalcore type.


On the track ‘#iwokeuplikethis’ we can hear this shine. This one has become a personal favorite because of the metalcore feel it has, I mean the riffs make me want to do a circle pit in my own living room. An interesting track I noticed by titled was ‘Oceana’, as a band of the same name I loved back in the day. This one comes off pretty heavy before clean singing comes in, then met for the harsh vocals once again. ‘Look What We’ve Done’ is certainly my favorite. It is heavy in a very melodic way. Powerful vocals, catchy hooks, and driving music? I’m sold!


Though this record seems a bit different from what we knew of Butcher Babies in the past, they did not lose a beat. They love to keep things interesting and changing the game with each release.

Track List:

1. Burn The Straw Man
2. Lilith
3. Headspin
4. Korova
5. #iwokeuplikethis
6. The Huntsman
7. Controller
8. Oceana
9. Look What We’ve Done
10. POMONA (Shit Happens)
11. Underground and Overrated

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