Blacktop Mojo “Burn The Ships” Album Review

Blacktop Mojo

“Burn The Ships” CD Release

Review By: Rachel Gipson

So… Pink Floyd, Tool and Skinny Puppy all had a baby together…  

And named it:  Blacktop Mojo

The “Burn The Ships” album, their now second album to be released, brings strong influences from the 70s rock and metal influences that the band has seemed to have modernized and polished with clean melodies riding atop grungy blatant heavy guitar riffs paving the way in and out of soft to screaming. They may transcend generation, with fans coming from a commercial arena standing right next to the hardcore underground lovers of all things made of legends from the past.

The album definitely brings surprises throughout, including a kickass cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” to keep you on your toes through this walk down the path of a myriad of musical styles somehow seamlessly blending together into what seems to be their very own genre. And having the technical skill level to pioneer such a task is very much in their capable hands. And Youtube seems to agree, with it’s over 1 MILLION views on their Dream On cover video! It takes you on a magical, musical journey, going all the way from folk to black metal and back to rock n roll with a tip of their hat to their southern roots.

I absolutely love the album name, with it’s air of mystery, which also happens to be a name of one of the songs, “Burn The Ships”.  I’m already intrigued just looking at the cover, which truly fits it so well. The first track starts off slow and introduces you to the softer side of them, drawing you in with these almost romantic vocal melodies coming from Matt James then throws an unexpected curveball half way in as everything gets suddenly more aggressive and exciting and ends leaving you with a perfect preface to the experience you’re about to have listening to the Burn The Ships album.

The guitar at the end of 8,000 Lines is so incredibly beautiful, it reminded me tremendously of the amazing way that the metal band “ In Flames” can mix melody and metal so perfectly as I don’t often see achieved. It definitely was one of the songs that really caught my attention as it demanded by it’s bewitching sound.

It’s absolutely worth taking the tour for yourself and experiencing a new kind of music developed by a group of extraordinarily talented guys with a dream.

The Band

From Palestine, Texas the band consists of singer Matt James,  drummer – Nathan Gillis, Lead Guitar – Ryan Kiefer, Rhythm Guitar – Kenneth Irwin, and Matt Curtis on bass, who all clearly, have been taking the Rock n Roll world by storm in recent months having just opened for Bon Jovi, on top of the multitude of experience they have had playing with other national acts previously such as Candlebox, Puddle of Mudd and many others.

Listen to them here:

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