Black Wail “Chromium Houses” Album Review

Black Wail – “Chromium Houses” (Rhyme & Reason Records)
By: Tom Hanno

Black Wail released an album back in December of 2017; it is called Chromium Houses, and is available through Rhyme and Reason Records. The band comes from Jersey City, New Jersey and uses a mixture of dirty blues, psychedelia, stoner metal, and doom styles to create their infectious brand of music.

The first track is called “They”, and it is a mash-up of heavy blues, stoner metal, and after a bit the song shows us some blackened doom as well. I really dig the blues riffing in this one, and the fact that there are so many different elements going on; yet, it never seems out of place, or like it could fall apart at any moment. To me, that is incredible because of the way they mix genres.

“Thee Ghost” opens up considerably heavier than “They”, but still incorporates all the elements that they have at their disposal.  The opening riff is heavy as hell, and the initial vocals are equally heavy. After that first verse we get some nice keyboard action going on. I don’t know what tone/setting the keyboardist is using, but it’s very haunting, and awesome.

“Chromium Houses” is the third track here, and it is a good one!!! It amazes me that they can heavy it up the way they do, and then pull it back and shower the listener in 1970’s keyboards with a heavy dose of blues laced psychedelia; very cool track and their songwriting skill are immense. It is no easy feat to jump genres within the context of a single track, yet Black Wail makes it seem like child’s play.

Overall, this is an extremely well done effort by Black Wail. There are only 6 songs here, but it is just enough to make the listener want more. So, if you enjoy any of the genres they use, or are just curious to hear how a band can make them all work together perfectly, then you should give Black Wail’s Chromium Houses a serious listen. I’ll hook you up with some links below!! Enjoy!!!

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