Somewhere in the Woods, SWEDEN) With summer days just around the corner, mysterious Swedish black metal duo, SOV have had their frozen dark hearts melted a bit and they’ve decided to give away a brand new single (not included on Aklamerad Kalamitet) entitled “Hel.”  Well, Holmes Catacombes has actually decided to give it away without his partner Hank Von Gaia’s knowledge, apparently.  “Hank is too hung up on the value of things.  He’d never agree to just giving something away.  But, he lives in the woods and has no interest in the internet so he’ll never even know about it.”

Pressed for a description of the song, Von Gaia relunctantly tosses out, “Hel is an old Swedish term for “hell” – surprised, aren’t you?  Yeah, I thought so … Anyway, what exactly is hell?  A place?  A state of mind?  Or just a word?  I see it as a word that I can apply describing a place I can visit while in a certain state of mind.”

A WAV file of “Hel” can be downloaded from here and the track can be previewed here.

SOV’s debut Ep, Aklamerad Kalamitet is available now and can be purchased here and can be previewed here.


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  1. Sov is by far the most interesting band in the metal scene right now!!! Who the fuck is writing their presentations though? That bastard should be ashamed for making them appear as ignorant parodies, when in fact they manifest creativity and express emperical chaos in a unique way. They are dissidants.