Black Bottom Lighters Sep 5, 2015

I was finally able to attend a show after a few years of listening to Black Bottom Lighters. Not only did I finally get to attend I was able to get an interview with them as well. A great bunch of guys who all work well together to make some amazing music. Attending the show made me realize the amount of fans and support they had. They packed the place out at Livewire with wall to wall of energy. Please take the time to go check them out and give a listen..


Ryan “Stilly” – Vocals
Mike Proctor – Vocals, Guitar
Ryan “McPhatty” – Drums
Jose – Bass Guitar
Kelyn – Keys
Phil – Lead Guitar


Black Bottom Lighters originated in 2010 out of Glendale, Arizona. Influenced heavily but not limited to reggae/rock, Black Bottom Lighters are inspired by hip hop and other touches of genres as well. From Steel Pulse and Shaggy, to Dirty Heads and Flogging Molly, their versatility is justified by having played shows with heavy hitters in a vast area of music.

Releasing their self-titled debut EP in late 2012, the unique sound of Black Bottom Lighters has made an impressive and still growing impact on the west coast. Early 2013 sent the 6 piece band on a successful west coast tour for the first time, “The Oregon Trail Tour”. This young and ambitious band has plans to release their first full length album in 2015. Expect many more milestones and achievements in the long predicted lifespan of the Black Bottom Lighters.





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