Axiom Tha Wyze Launches #KissThaChef Instagram Contest

Imminence Records’ conscious hip-hop emcee Axiom Tha Wyse has just released his new album, entitled Kiss Tha Chef. The Boise’s label debut features ten tracks and has led to the launch of a #KissThaChef Instagram contest. Fans are encouraged to take a photo of themselves cooking and publically post it on their Instagram account with the hashtag #KissThaChef to win a prize pack.

Kiss Tha Chef covers a range of topics and ideas that reflect my personal growth as an emcee and as a man growing up figuring out life, as well as pulling inspiration from my favorite artists to respect the culture of hip-hop. I am particularly excited for this release because I have been apprenticing under Cary Judd learning audio and video production, so I have had my hands deeper in the creation of this album than any other before.” – Axiom Tha Wyze

Kiss Tha Chef (OUT NOW)

1. Slow Down
2. #Basic
3. Chaos (feat Iame)
4. Demons (feat Sergio)
5. Go To War (feat Andy O. & Zero)
6. Jump Stomp
7. Kiss Tha Chef
8. Keys To The City (feat Darian Reneé & Sayso)
9. Straight To My Head (feat Andy O. & Jordan Treasure)
10. Serpent Tooth Remix (feat Danny Blaqk)

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About Axiom Tha Wyze:

Long ago when the world was in peril, a culture rose from the ashes and rubble to bring a voice to the misfits of the land. A culture rooted in brotherhood, art, and style. Few were chosen to lead this culture and the ones that did contained it’s spirit in 4 physical elements: DJ’s – Emcees – B-Boys/B-Girls – Graffiti and the fifth element that hold them all together, knowledge. This culture was referred to as Hip Hop. Through the generations the spirit of Hip Hop was passed like a torch to many, some carried it with pride while others used it for foolish and selfish gain. Those that chose the righteous path have lived in the shadows, guiding the spirit through the ages teaching the starving misguided youth the ways of Hip Hop. Now one Emcee emerges from the smoke to bring the fire and passion of the originators back to the culture, his name is Axiom Tha Wyze. This Boise Idaho native has learned from the masters and strives to perfect his craft to bring you the raw rugged style of the legends before him and uplift his generation for the sake of peace, love unity and having fun.

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