Avatar: Oct 2016 at Joe’s Grotto

       Avatar came to Arizona for the first time to perform in Phoenix on the Feathers & Flesh U.S. Tour at Joe’s Grotto this past October 24th, 2016!

       A year into a new century would bring the formation of Avatar, a Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden and for the past fifteen years and counting the quintet has released six studio albums and toured the globe as a supporting act and headliner for many tours and participated in music festivals from all over the world. Their latest and first concept album Feathers & Flesh was released in May 2016 and soon after Avatar would once again go out into the world and perform with multiple planned tours and make their way into Arizona, and Soundwave Brigade was here to cover the show and Avatar’s reception at their first performance here in the “Copper State”.


       With a tour date landing on a Monday night, the parking lot of Joe’s grotto was a good sign as with the line forming outside of the venue that tonight’s show has been a concert that many fans have been looking forward to attending.

       Once inside Joe’s Grotto, concertgoers immediately noticed the unique booth and made their way over to check out the circus tent themed booth containing Avatar’s merchandise and scored their concert swag as they then proceeded to gather in front of the circus themed stage as well and wait for the show to begin.


       With the house lights going dark, the show begins with a classic themed circus show musical intro as Johannes Eckerström (Vocals) and two stagehands march on stage and take position in front of the tent themed enclosure on stage. With a gesture towards the cheering fans, the two assistants on stage raise and fire two small confetti cannons into the crowd, with confetti raining down they proceed to unveil the concealed marching band members from the enclosure and all then march into position. With Henrik Sandelin (Bass), Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby (Guitars), Tim Öhrström (Guitars), John Alfredsson (Drums), and Johannes taking center with a salute to the crowd….Avatar starts right into their set with “For the Swarm”.

       From the very beginning the fans went wild with jumping to the rhythm and singing along to the first song of the show and the applause and warm welcome after was well received by Avatar for their first performance in Arizona and invited the crowd of Arizonans to join them as they “Hail the Apocalypse”, and the fans responded as you can see for yourself with our footage of Avatar performing live below.

       Avatar, obviously surprised by the turnout of fans and their recognition of their music just fueled their performance as they really unleashed with performing a set list containing songs over their career to date of six albums and the crowd loved every minute of it, with the showmanship of the band, to Johannes’s interaction was a wild time for all who came here tonight and show their support for Avatar!

       Avatar came and unleashed a unique and distinguishable live show of choreographed sonic mayhem along with a dark and eerie circus themed stage show that was presented with a level of showmanship that stands apart with an attention to detail that reinforces their creative commitment into all that is, and Avatar continues to be.


       With a performance that undeniably rocked Joe’s Grotto, the fans of the Phoenix area will remember this show as well as the vow from Avatar to return and look forward to that show in the future.

       Avatar is still continuing to tour in Europe and for further information and updates , we have provided links down below to aid you,



       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Avatar for an unforgettable performance, as well as K and Z entertainment, Joe’s Grotto and their staff for all their involvement in making this show happen, thank you all.

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave Brigade.com


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