Avatar Country, The Brains & Hellzapoppin Old Kerry Mckee Tour at Marquee Theatre

It’s a new year and Avatar is taking it by the horns! There’s a whole lot of new that Avatar is bringing it’s fans early into 2018 with a new album, world tour, and a brand new show that is designed to amaze and entertain all ye metalheads of the world!


That’s right folks, that nightmare circus themed metal band from Sweden is out on the road and currently performing across North America in support of their seventh studio album and latest release of Avatar Country.


It’s the 14th date of the Avatar World Tour 2018 as it makes it stop at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona. This marks the third time Avatar has performed in the Valley of the Sun since their first arrival in October 2016 at Joe’s Grotto, and Soundwave Brigade has been there every time to date so far to cover their shows and bring that coverage to you!


It’s Tuesday night and the metalheads of the Phoenix area are gathering at the Marquee Theatre to welcome Avatar back to Arizona with their insatiable appetite and are ready to feed their need with a dose of what Avatar has cooked up and is beginning to serve. With this current serving of Avatar, we will be starting with the appetizers.


First up on tonight’s dish of entertainment is the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow. The show begins with a variety of performers with a mixture of specific talents that comprise what is this sideshow of freaks, daredevils, magicians, and performing artists. With the combined performances from Bryce “The Govna” Graves, Ryan Stock, Dan Sperry, and Short E Dangerously delivering a fast but equally balanced show of varying degrees of entertainment. With a show of shock, comedy, magic tricks and illusion that really set the pace for this evening’s events. With a playful and welcoming routine was met with a very enthusiastic and cheerful crowd which showed it’s approval with a deafening range of applause. For those who plan on attending future shows, get close and pay attention, the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow brings an awesome level of entertainment that is best witnessed first hand!


The music begins with the second appetizer of tonight’s feast is The Brains, a Psychobilly band from Montreal, Canada that formed in 2002. With Rene D La Muerte (Guitar / Vocals), Colin the Dead (Double Bass), and Phil The Beast (Drums) taking the stage and continuing with the progression of tonight’s events. The Brains dived right in and delivered their own brand of music and style with performing “Hell N’ Back”, “The Witch” and “More Brains” to name a few. They came and played a set with an aggressive pace and energy that got the audience moving and preparing them for more to come!


With the crowd in wait for tonight’s main course and the curtains closed at the Marquee Theatre, an audio intermission begins to play over the PA system as the crew prepares for tonight’s main course. Those with a sharp ear quickly realize that this intermission is a prelude of the upcoming performance as it is filled with comedy and satire and is indeed intended to part of the incoming show.


As the house lights dim the audience begins the excited repetitive ritual chanting of the upcoming band, “Avatar!” over and over again until the curtains open and the welcoming cheer immediately followed by a silencing awe as the fans take in and focus on the new stage arrangement and begin to wonder what Avatar has in store for them tonight!

Avatar has returned and they brought some new toys with them, with an erected mezzanine complete with multiple lighting rigs arranged with the drummer in the center of it the show begins with Tim Öhrström (Guitars) and Henrik Sandelin (Bass) taking position on the upper corners of the upper level of the mezzanine and in a coordinated fashion moving down to the lower stage as a thrown emerges with the KING, Kungen (Guitars) at top center of the upper tier. The KING then grabs his guitar and begins the show with “Glory to Our King”. John Alfredsson (Drums) and last to emerge on stage is Johannes Eckerström (Vocals) and with dramatic fashion the band debuts and the show is on!


Avatar’s stage presence and performance continue to evolve in it’s presentation and progression but one thing remains the same, their drive to entertain and joy in performing and interacting with their audience. The concertgoers here tonight are full of excitement as they enjoy Avatar’s signature coordinated and integrated head banging as they raise their horns in salute to the band as they perform various songs from their catalog such as “Paint Me Red”, “For the Swarm”, and “Smells Like a Freakshow”.

With Avatar’s first headlining tour here in North America, Avatar is determined to make a lasting impression on those who attend their shows. With a various setlist and performing a balanced mixture of early material and their latest, the band openly displays it’s gratitude towards their ever growing fanbase. With Johannes leading in the interaction with the crowd with sincerity and great humor, the band performed and played an awesome show with a lot of new upgrades and all of it coordinated into one whole package including the new light show. They ended their set with a fan favorite, “Hail the Apocalypse”. Avatar exits the stage to the sound of applause from an appreciative crowd, as any great show should end.


Avatar with the combined efforts of both the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow and The Brains each doing their part in providing an excellent show and a total entertainment experience all wrapped up in one package!

Avatar has stepped up their game and as witnessed by tonight’s show, they will take a stage and use every inch of it for the benefit of entertaining anyone who will come and see them. Avatar has set out and currently touring across North America and later they will be touring in Europe supporting this latest version of what Avatar has evolved into and is certainly showing that they have their sights set on taking their show to the level.


So come one, come all, and see Avatar, armed with a new album and upgrades and joined by special guests for the Avatar Country World Tour 2018 and for more information we have some links for you down below to better inform you!


Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow links,




The Brains links,




Avatar links,



Soundwave Brigade would like to thank Avatar, The Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow, The Brains for an awesome show and the privilege of covering it. We would also like to thank The Marquee Theatre and it’s staff for hosting tonight’s events. Again thank you all.


Coverage provided by Adam and Alex of Soundwave Brigade.com

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