Architects Release “Death Is Not Defeat” Music Video

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“Death Is Not Defeat” by Architects from the album ‘Holy Hell,’ available now

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Director – Jeb Hardwick

Artwork – Dan Hillier

And additional animation – Jey Malaiperuman

When I leave this skin and bone
Beyond my final heartbeat
I’ll dismantle piece by piece
And I will know that death is not defeat

Holding on tight to what’s left of our time
We’ve hidden away
But it’s in the design
Why do we fight what we can’t define?
Don’t be afraid, we all cross the same line

Into the night we burn and rage
In death we repay for time on this stage
The lights are bright
but don’t lose your way
‘Cause once it ignites
The flame must decay

Now you’re finally complete
I will see you where oceans meet

Past and present merge
Light and dark will converge
Time will overthrow our reign on this throne

The everlasting sleep
Returning through the veil
Far beneath the deep
Another soul sets sail


Tom Searle – Guitars
Dan Searle-Desbiens – Drums and Programming
Sam Carter – Vocals
Josh Middleton – Guitars
Alex Dean – Bass
Adam Christianson – Guitars

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