An Evening with Ghost at Comerica Theatre

Photos/Coverage By Julius Aguilar

On November 10, 2018 a band named Ghost made a stop to rock out the minds of their Arizona fan base, at Comerica Theatre. With a stage presence and setup at its high, Ghost packed Comerica Theatre; fans of all ages came out to watch the show. Screaming fans pushed against the baracades as the curtains opened revealing a cathedral stage setup fans; were in for a treat. The Nameless Ghouls take stage and the crowd goes wild in excitement with echos filling the theatre, then walks out Cardinal Copia. Ghost performed a number of their hit songs, songs such as “Rats”, “Ritual”, “Devil Church”, “Miasma“, “Faith”, “Year Zero” and “Dance Macabre” to name a few. Being the only performer on the show Ghost cut the show into two acts with an intermission, playing a total of 30 songs for the evening.

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