An Evening With Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling at Ak-Chin Pavilion

A few weeks ago, I recently had the pleasure of attending the Evanescence and Lindsey Stirling Concert at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, Arizona.

This was my second Evanescence concert, as I attended one at the beginning of their Synthesis tour last year.

Let me just say….this may be a terrible review, because in my opinion these ladies and their band mates really can do no wrong. I love both of these ladies to death and am that “mom” who knows more about them and their videos than her daughters. Lindsey Stirling lives in the next town over from me, and we are more than proud of our “local girl.”

This is the main reason it has taken me so long to write this guest review…I had an awesome time!

There were a couple of things I noted from the Evanescence side of the double concert, but I really had to think much too hard to find anything lacking here.

First off…I must mention Amy Lee’s gown because it was amazing!! It looked like the heavens had joined her for this night only, as her ballgown skirt looked like it was made up of a million stars. It was truly hypnotizing at times. Absolutely gorgeous, and I was extremely pleased that she didn’t let this outside venue rule over her always awesome fashion sense and style. This is part of what Amy Lee fans enjoy so much…that unique sense of style and elegance, plus her music all adds to the magic.

I can only imagine what it must be like to sing with a new orchestra in each town you visit on tour, without several practice runs first.
Amy Lee does not disappoint here either, as it seems like she has known this local orchestra and sang with them the entire tour. Everything blended well, she was captivating and the orchestra seemed like they effortlessly were playing along.

Amy did not just do a repeat of her previous tour, which some had expressed their concern about that were sitting around me. Amy blended in a good amount of older songs that she re-breathed life back into and it was beautiful, along with the background videos and lighting. Great job from the sound board as well. Sometimes with an outside venue, that can be a challenge.

I just….kept waiting for Lindsey Stirling to join her. For some reason, I thought they would be doing more songs together than just a couple.

When Lindsey did join her at the end of her set songs, there was much excitement around me. Someone mentioned she did not sing Lindsey’s “Shatter Me” very well at the start of the tour, and they moaned and groaned about it. This was very much retracted by them after she blew that song out of the park, so to speak! She did perfect in my opinion, and i think Lizzy Hale of Halestorm would be proud.

Overall…The fans loved the Evanescence part of this concert…I loved it and even my husband

, whom I had dragged along with me, didn’t mind it so much! Loved seeing Amy Lee’s four year old son Jack at the end. So adorable!

Miss Lindsey Stirling just popped out on stage near the end of the Evanescence set. The energy around me changed from a type of dream state/fan adoration energy to a colorful frenzy.

I have to admit…I listen to Lindsey Stirling and watch all of her videos way too much for a woman of my age. I love upbeat Classical/Pop type music, play the Harp and violin and as a costumer I love her costumes. This was one of the areas I was sad to see lacking on this tour. All of Lindsey’s costumes were cute,quirky or just gorgeous. The other dancers costumes could have been so much ….more. I was especially looking forward to the Wicked Forest Queen type costume during “Lost Girls” but it did not materialize. Instead, a shy monk type character emerged and stayed in the shadows..slinking around to put spells on the captured ballerinas in a brown monk type robe. It was a bit more than confusing and strange. There were a few more times i was trying to figure out what the costumes brought to the table, to help her songs and the visual effects along. During a particular song that was backed up by an unknown to me Rapper, I couldn’t figure out the neon track suits. Maybe it’s an age related problem for me.

During Lindsey’s set she was also captivating as well…vibrating full of positive energy for all of the young fans in attendance…and that was when I realized this was much more of a family type concert than I was prepared for. There is nothing wrong with that…if anything the youth of today need all the help they can get, in the positive vibes category. I think that others were a bit overwhelmed by this, and though they came to see both bands, many older concert goers left during Lindsey’s set. Lindsey had many presentations on the background video portion behind her band and dancers, that at times it felt like i was back in school trying to learn about….something.

I think that perhaps, Lindsey Stirling should have played first up…..then been followed by Amy Lee and Evanescence. I don’t know how all of that works…who headlines in this situation when both bands sort of headline….maybe they wanted to leave the younger fans with a very positive message, which she very much did. Again, really nothing wrong with either concert.

Overall, fans older such as myself, and younger all around where I was sitting did thoroughly enjoy both concerts. I do hope the fans appreciated the gift these women shared with them that night. I know that I truly did.

Don’t miss this… I know there are only a few more concerts that they are playing left for this tour….if you miss it and these two ladies come back around again….do your soul a favor and GO!

Coverage By: Mrs. Apocalyptic Nights
Photos By: Adam Messler

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