amaranthe coverage at pub rock live nov 2015

Amaranthe’s show at Pub Rock was a full night of great heavy metal music. The venue was already packed by the time the first band took the stage. Starting the evening was one of Georgia’s own called Lullwater. The four-piece band was a mixture of grunge and southern rock.



Afterwards, the notorious Butcher Babies blew fans away with their gritty, heavy music and larger than life stage presences. When vocalist Heidi Shepherd announced, “We are here to fuck shit up,” the venue roared with cheers. During certain parts of their set, the entire crowd jumped in unison, waving their metal horns into the air. Shepherd and second vocalist Carla Harvey were the consummate entertainers as well, and, by the time the Butcher Babies finished their set, the crowd clamored for more.



As the headlining act, Amaranthe knew exactly how to keep the momentum going. As the stage illuminated in red and blue lights and a robotic female voice announced the members of the band, the audience knew they were in for a theatrical performance from one of Sweden’s best melodic metal bands. Since their formation in 2008, the band, which now consists of Elize Ryd (vocals), Jake E. Lundberg (clean vocals), Olof Mörck (guitar), Henrik Englund Wilhemsson (unclean vocals), Johan Andreassen (bass), and Morten Løwe Sørensen (drums), has quickly been establishing a reputation for its multi-faceted musical style. Amaranthe’s music is melodic, heavy, and theatrical. Though Lundberg was unable to perform that night, the band was still able to put on a lively show. Ryd commanded the stage with her beauty and incredible vocals. During the set, Amaranthe even invited Lullwater’s John Strickland and Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd to play a couple of songs.
The show was the perfect evening for people looking to escape from the chaos of the holidays. While Amaranthe’s Massive Collision tour is reaching an end soon, the band will be starting another tour in the early part of next year. From the sound of the cheering fans, it is more than apparent that all of these bands will be making their way back to Arizona in the near future.


Write up / Photos by: Brandy Isadora


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