Alternative Rock Band Weather King Release EP and Announce Show Dates!

Alternative Rock band Weather King released their EP titled 33 with five original songs written and recorded at SG Studios in Fort Worth, Texas. The band has announced shows this summer in support.

Formed in 2016, Weather King came together for their love of alternative and progressive rock bands like The Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, and Radiohead. This group of five teenagers from DFW are constantly pushing the envelope with merging new generation music and alt rock reminding us of how music reflects life.

Together, they have enjoyed being part of the growing music scene in the DFW, and surrounding areas, sharing the stage with such artists as Jimmy Eats World, Janet Gardner of Vixen, and Switchfoot.

The members of Texas rock group Weather King–despite being in high school–have garnered an impressive list of live performances and recording accolades that include Winner of the WILDFLOWER FEST! Battle of the Bands, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, 40,000+ spins on Spotify, and airplay on numerous radio stations including KPFT, WLFR, WMFR, WMUL, WVMM,

Members: Andy Zukoski (keyboardist), Ian Jeffery (drummer), Maya Kelly (vocals), Trent Cruickshank (guitar), and Jack Zukoski (bass)

33 (ep)

Track Listing:

The Backbone – 3:56
33 – 4:09
Morgellons – 3:55
Cease – 3:57
Lady Maniac – 3:29

Available on iTunes & Spotify

Weather King is taking its dynamic live show on the road this summer:

Wednesday 7/18Elysium, Austin, TX

Thursday 7/19

Jack’s Bar, San Antonio, TX

Friday 7/20 SHFL, Houston, TX

Saturday 7/21 Curtain Club, Dallas, TX

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