All Good Things – “Machines” Album Review

All Good Things – “Machines” (Superpop.Co)
By: Brian Campbell


While you may not know their name, there is a better than good chance you have heard the work of the members of All Good Things before, whether it be in movies, video games or on television, because they have placed their music in nearly every medium in the past. The All Good Things collective have channeled all of their past accomplishments and resume points into their latest album “Machines,” a nine-track true rock journey.

“Machines” runs the rock gamut, from epic, polarizing overtures (“Machines,” “Beginning Of The End”) to driving anthems fueled by chunky riffs and pulsating melodies (“Never Die,” “Breaking Through The Wall”). All Good Things mimic the thumping alt-rock stylings of Imagine Dragons on “Born Ready” and “For The Glory” as well as the atmospheric rock of Thirty Second to Mars on the emotionally expansive “What Have I Become.” The penultimate “We Shall Overcome” could be the best rock anthem Jared Leto never penned, a track all of us could stand to hear with uplifting lines such as ‘We shall overcome / We shall not be silent / We shall rise as one / You cannot deny us.’ All Good Things don’t hold anything back on “Decimator” as they send “Machines” out on a heavy note, thanks to double bass drum beats and the album’s heaviest guitars.

“Machines” is a rock fans dream. Regardless of what subset of rock music you find yourself craving, this album ticks all of the boxes and should appeal to anyone who find themselves a fan of the heavy stuff. Actually, even if you don’t prefer your rock music all that heavy, All Good Things has something for you on “Machines.”


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