Alice Underground ¡Bash! & Empire of Dezire at Cooper’sTown

       Soundwave Brigade was out at Alice Cooper’stown for food, fun , and live music this last Friday July 15th, 2016 as we cover tonight’s events with Empire of Dezire, ¡Bash!, and Alice Underground!

       Tonight’s lineup of bands is an interesting one as the performing acts are from different music genres, so the variety is a change of pace from most shows that most people are accustomed to. Even though the music styles are a mixture, there is still common ground here that everyone performing here is a seasoned act containing experienced musicians and performers with a passion for their music.

       Our coverage of tonight’s events will be a change as well as this will be video only, containing one song from each act covered, performing live!

       Kicking off tonight’s show is Empire of Dezire, a local Phoenix based Heavy Metal band.

       Empire of Dezire’s current lineup consists of Tulin Howey (Vocals), Ken Howey (Lead Guitar), Neal Harris (Bass), Chris Louthan (Drums), and Norman House (Keyboards). Originally forming in 1987, and in the early 90’s moved to Phoenix and has had various lineups over the years with the exception of Ken and Tulin (Read the band’s Bio in their about section on their website for a more in depth understanding of their history….I found it to be an interesting read) and after a 7 year hiatus, they reformed the band in 2014 with renewed drive and passion they recorded and released their album Paradigm in late 2014. Since reforming EOD they have been performing at venues across Arizona and in the Southwest region.

       Starting tonight’s show and opening with “Public Enemy”, which had an interesting intro as Norman was mimicking the sound of old school police sirens though his Keyboards as the song begins. With the other members joining in and then Tulin begins to sing, Tulin’s vocal style and range will get your attention. Performing their own original material from their album Paradigm, and there is no mistaking that they are Heavy Metal band that draws upon their own influences from Iron Maiden, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne to name a few, but as they progress through their show their style and originality begin to really present itself.

      EOD’s fourth song of their set is “Never”, and Soundwave Brigade has footage of “Never”, and we would like to share this footage with you below, as this is a live extended version containing an additional 40 plus seconds over the studio version.

       Watching and listening to Empire of Dezire perform live was interesting to see as Ken, Norman, Neal, and Chris synchronize and team up with their instruments to produce some killer sound effects and combinations. Tulin’s vocal talent really distinguishes itself as the show progresses as she seems to hold back a little and gradually let loose towards the end and eventually unleashes for the finale as when they closed the show with “Walk Into The Fire”.

       Empire of Dezire threw down an awesome Metal performance, and the night of this show was also special for Tulin, as it was her Birthday! As the final song ended…a birthday cake made it’s way onstage to surprise her, she blew out the candles to the crowd wishing her a happy birthday and cheer for Empire of Dezire!

       Empire of Dezire is currently writing new material and has another show coming up on August 6th at Joe’s Grotto for more information about EOD and future shows they have a website and a Facebook page and down below we have those links for you to check them out at,

       Taking the stage for the second act of the night is ¡Bash!, a Rock, Punk, Rockabilly trio from Los Angeles, California comprising of Gordon Bash (Vocals, Bass), Scott Landes (Guitars), and  Steve Kefalas (Drums).

       Their sound and style are a real diverse range of  Rock, Punk, Rockabilly, Metal, Reggae, Swing, and whatever they feel like trying out as Gordon stated on stage that they like to change their own songs so that the audience doesn’t see the same thing twice. Those changes can be anything from extensions, to instrument changes, to whatever the mood suits their creative drive. Performing their own blend of originals like “Mankind Is Obsolete”, as well as covering “Lock and Key” from the band Mankind Is Obsolete for which Gordon and Scott are also members of as well, and to help them put their own Bash twist on this cover, they were joined onstage by Tash Cox who is also the lead singer of Mankind Is Obsolete.

       Onstage you can see by the way Bash plays when they are about to unleash a surprise, their body language is like watching the fuse of a firecracker burning down and then Boom! You can see Landes wind up on guitar and then unleash, but don’t count out Gordon or Steve…they had something in store for the audience as well and I’ll let you see for yourself as they performed  “When Love Must Die”, which was the crowd pleaser of their set. Enjoy the video footage below.

       ¡Bash! performed an entertaining diverse set with various styles of music as well as lyrical content and the delivery of lyrics was varying as well, and they did an awesome job of performing a show with a surprise factor that was well received here tonight.

       The band is currently touring right now and performing within their perspective other bands and projects and have a self titled album available as well so for more information about ¡Bash! and their music, there are some links below for you to check out,

       The third act performing tonight is Alice Underground a band from Los Angeles, California. They describe their music as Gypsy Swing from another time….

       Alice Underground’s members include Tash Cox (Vocals, Piano), Sasha Travis (Vocals), Scott Landes (Guitars, Piano), Gordon Bash (Bass, Vocals, Piano), Steve Kefalas (Drums), and Mandy Faddis (Saxophone). The lineup consists of professional musicians who are members of multiple bands such as the previous act ¡Bash! and Mankind is Obsolete and many other bands, but tonight we focus on Alice Underground!

       Beginning their set with “Catch Me Before Midnight”, began with a soft nostalgic vibe that emulates the days of old Jazz and the Swing era of the last century and we welcome you to view the video of Alice Underground performing “Catch Me Before Midnight” below.

       Their show was an evolving array of tempo and melody as the band played on throughout their show, with playing material from the debut album The Cambria Sessions , such as “Hollywood Hills” and “Willow By The Sea”. Tash and Sasha’s vocals were astonishing as they sang their solo parts and when harmonizing together, and they were all smiles on stage during the show. With Mandy joining in and out with her Saxophone in a graceful fashion as the rest of the band was enjoying themselves as they were all really engaged in their music.

       Alice Underground put a lot of work into their music and show and was greatly appreciated by the ever growing applause of the audience and closed their show with “Superman”.

       Alice Underground is currently on tour and last month released a music video for “Superman”. For more information about the band, their music, upcoming shows and updates here are some links for you to check out below,

       All in all it was a fun night here at Cooper’stown with many surprises for the crowd who came out to see it, as it was a night of musical diversity with all performing acts giving a little extra to their live performances. The bands deserve some extra credit as well as it’s not easy to perform outdoors in Arizona in the middle of July, even when the Sun goes down….and thanks to all who came out here tonight to support live music as well.

       Soundwave would like to thank Todd from Surreal Entertainment for inviting us, as well as Empire of Dezire, ¡Bash!, and Alice Underground for performing, the staff of Alice Cooper’stown for their hospitality and for hosting tonight’s events, and a thank you to all who were involved in making tonight happen.

       Coverage provided by Alex at Soundwave

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