Alice Cooper’s Town Coverage – Mar 26, 2016

       It’s Saturday March 26, 2016 and Music Watchdog is off to an early start today to meet up with Trade Sound Productions and crew at Alice Cooper’stown to help set up for tonight’s show featuring Vintage Wednesday, Interfate, Dierdre, and CO-OP!

       We meet up with Barbi and Jeremy and the rest of the crew and get right down into the setup process of laying out gear and arranging it for initial testing and after we get everything unpacked and set up, it’s time to grab some menus and chow down here at Cooper’stown!


After an awesome lunch, and everything is set up and ready to go… it’s time to ROCK!


       Opening tonight’s show is Vintage Wednesday, an Indie/Classic Rock band from Gilbert, Arizona. A quintet of teenagers comprising of Taylor Sackson (Lead Vocals), Savanah Pope (Bass/Vocals), Andrew Hahnke (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Dorsten (Guitar), and Josh Jones (Drums). Their style and sound is derived from 60’s and 70’s classic rock, and is evident their own material as well as performing covers of legendary bands of decades past and into today by Fleetwood Mac, The Animals, Heart, Jefferson Airplane, Pat Benatar, U2, Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin.

       Vintage Wednesday has had some notable achievements in their musical endeavors such as being finalists in Alice Cooper’s Proof Is In The Pudding in 2013 and 2014, performing at University of Phoenix Stadium for the Arizona Cardinals, opening for Grand Funk Railroad at the 2015 Ostrich Festival, as well as performing at venues across Arizona.


      Beginning their set with “Pretend Awhile” off of their debut album Simple Things was an “ear” opener of the skill and talent of Vintage Wednesday. The second song was a cover of “House of the Rising Sun”, and their performance was proof of the band’s genuine interest and affection for classic rock from the past. Music Watchdog recorded their performance of this cover so please enjoy the video as much as the band enjoyed playing this song…..especially Andrew (Guitarist on the left) later in the song.

       Performing a mix of originals such as “Frayed” and cover songs like “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac before an audience of varying generations was well received by the applause at the end of Vintage Wednesday’s performance. They delivered an impressive performance tonight, and with such energy and youthful enthusiasm that it is equally impressive that this was their second gig on this Saturday!

_MG_3036 (Large)

       Vintage Wednesday’s debut album Simple Things is available and they have a number of upcoming shows in Arizona this April, so for more information about the band and their music you can find them on Facebook at

_MG_3201 (Large)


       Shifting gears into the second act of tonight’s show here at Cooper’stown with Interfate!

       Interfate is a hard rock band from Phoenix Arizona comprised of Jordan Sanchez (Vocals/Guitar), Ty Koile (Bass/Vocals), Charles Kendall (Drums), and Carl Martinez (Guitar). This quartet is no stranger to the local scene here in Phoenix while playing in many venues in Tempe, Scottsdale, and of course Phoenix! As well as even performing in California as well and even the famous Whiskey a Go Go and sharing the stage with many well known national acts.

       Tonight Interfate takes the stage as a trio with Drummer Charles being unable to perform for tonight’s show, but the band staying true to the old saying of “The Show Must Go On” steps up with Carl setting down his guitar and getting behind the drums for their part of the show this evening.

_MG_3160 (Large)

       Jordan, Ty, and Carl lay down their set with performing songs from their EP Shedding Skin as well as some cover songs and we recorded their performance of their latest single “Tremble” for us to share with you, so Music Watchdog invites you to watch our video of “Tremble”.

       Interfate currently has an EP available called Shedding Skin, and a single out called “Tremble”, and they just got more CD’s of their EP in stock and available for sale at future shows and through their website at Interfate has another upcoming show on April 30, 2016 for the FXCK CANCER BENEFIT 2016 at Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix. For more information about Interfate you can visit their website or on Facebook.


_MG_3258 (Large)

       And here is where we begin with the third act of the night, time to welcome Dierdre to the stage!
       Dierdre is a Rock & Roll band based here in Phoenix, Arizona fronted by Dierdre Evans (Lead Vocals), with Ben Hall (Guitars/Vocals), Byron Carrick (Guitars/Vocals), Jimi Powers (Guitars/Vocals), James Kulon (Bass/Vocals), and Phil Janzen (Drums)

_MG_3271 (Large)

       The band engages the crowd with their distinctive mix of varied styles of rock, with Dierdre’s powerful vocal range and style. Performing their original material such as “No Way Out”, and “Your Heart Is Black” for which we have video to share with you so please enjoy!

       Dierdre is an awesome band to see live, earlier in the day during soundcheck passersby would stop and gather outside the gates of Cooper’stown to listen to Dierdre sing pieces of their songs. Dierdre has quite a fews things coming up for them as they are soon to release their 8th single “Hit Or Miss”, also they plan to release their full length debut album titled I’ve Come To Life later this year. More shows are also in the works so for more information you can follow Dierdre on Facebook and on Twitter and Instagram @dierdremusic, plus check out their music on SoundCloud. Here’s some links for you.


_MG_3477-Edit-Edit (Large)

       We now welcome CO-OP, the final act of the show to take the stage!

       CO-OP is a Hard Rock band from Phoenix, Arizona that would describe their sound as “Desert Hard Rock”. The quintet consists of Dash Cooper (Lead Vocals), Court Stumpf (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Kolby Peoples (Guitar), Justin Swartzentruber (Bass), and Mark Savale (Drums).The band is a highly active and visible part of the music scene here in Phoenix, and have and continue to play all over the valley, and on this Saturday night they have come again to take the stage here at Alice Cooper’stown.

_MG_3652 (Large)

       With Kolby, Justin, Court, and Mark taking position on stage, Mark and Court start with an intro jam session ending in a wailing guitar solo as Dash takes center stage as the band opens their set with “Overdrive”. We recorded some video for you to enjoy so please enjoy a double shot of CO-OP!

      After “Old Scratch”, Court steps to his mic and greets the crowd with Dash adding in, Court then thanks and congratulates all the previous acts in tonight’s show and with a finale thank you…CO-OP continues on with their performance and even adding in a cover of “Lost In America”, and with a brief pause they ask the crowd if they’re good for one more…….and are are answered with cheers and whistles of approval. CO-OP closes their show with “Never Whisper The Truth”.

_MG_3619 (Large)

       CO-OP has some upcoming shows to mention,that being at Eagle Rider Motorcycles Music Fest – Tempe this coming Saturday April 2nd. On April 11th at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe opening for Cinderella’s Tom Keifer.Also in the works is they are in the process of finishing on their latest album. For more information about CO-OP you can check them out on the following links listed below.

       With the events of tonight coming to it’s end, it was an awesome lineup with great vocal style and musical progression of all the bands that performed here tonight,and well they came they saw,and they all ROCKED! We at Music Watchdog are very grateful to have been able to attend and document the night and be able to invite you to view our Photo and Video footage, it is our pleasure, and we welcome you to enjoy it too.

       Music would like to thank Barbi and Jeremy from Trade Sound Productions and their crew for just “killing it” on sound quality! Also a huge thanks to the staff of Cooper’stown for their great service and hospitality, and to Vintage Wednesday, Interfate, Dierdre, and CO-OP for their combined efforts in delivering such an awesome show!

                Coverage brought to you by Adam and Alex at Music

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