Adelitas Way’s ‘Getaway’ album review

A good album, to me, is one that keeps the listener on their toes, something that doesn’t let its audience get bored, and Adelitas Way’s ‘Getaway’ is definitely that. If you’re looking for something reminiscent of their previous work, this album isn’t for you. The change is refreshing and allows the band to show some abilities that haven’t been acknowledged before.


The ever-changing guitar lines pair great with the repetitive lyrics that would otherwise seem boring. It makes each track easy to recall, while also keeping the music interesting. Key and tempo changes are briefly played with throughout each song which, again, balances nicely with the consistency of the lyrics. While there are no actual ballads on the album, the strong harmonies used in ‘I Get Around’ give the essence of a ballad. In fact, each song is fairly rhythmic and upbeat, even the ones with slower openings.


The details used to captivate the listener in the first few songs begin to slowly dissipate and each song on the second half of the album begin to sound surprisingly similar. Every track between ‘Harbor The Fugitive’ and ‘Deserve This’ almost seem like one huge run-on song, rather than four shorter ones. This gets tiring quickly, as one would expect.

Overall, the band manages to capture an audience within the first few songs, and give them a reason to keep listening. However, I’d say it’s just a few songs too many; enjoyable, but extensive.


Reviewed By: Hailey of Music Watchdog

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