Abertooth Lincoln Make New Ep Selling The Urban Ideal Available For Streaming

Progressive female-fronted punk band Abertooth Lincoln has made their recently released EP, Selling the Urban Ideal, available for streaming on their bandcamp page, and is additionally available for sale on all major digital outlets. Amidst growing social and political tension, the EP has been creating buzz with its unapologetic commitment to tackle anti-feminists, LGBTQ discrimination and rape culture, while upholding the band’s signature style of brutal riffs, bellowing synth atmosphere and bizarre but catchy melodies. The EP was given a 4.5 star review in PunkNews.org as seen here: https://www.punknews.org/review/14852/abertooth-lincoln-selling-the-urban-ideal

The full EP is available for streaming at: https://abertoothlincoln.bandcamp.com/album/selling-the-urban-ideal

The band has also announced the following tour dates:

April 20 – Dayton, OH @ Blind Bob’s

April 21 – Chicago, IL @ Burlington Bar

April 22 – Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact

May 9 – Dayton, OH @ Rockstar Pro Arena (w/ Local H)

May 12 – Dayton, OH @ Yellow Cab Building (Sideshow 12 Festival)

May 14 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop (w/ Taproot)

Thom Hazaert, former Corporate Punishment President/A&R/Marketing Exec and current operator of EMP Label Group, has been working with the band to promote the new release. Thom and the band began talks of collaboration after their song was featured on the EMP Underground Sampler in 2016, and was recently announced a new track would appear on the upcoming EMP UNDERGROUND VOL 2!

Hazaert says, “Abertooth Lincoln is a great band, and have hit it hard. I was proud to include them on EMP UNDERGROUND VOL1, and it went over so well we are including them on Vol. 2.”

In addition to the new EP, Abertooth Lincoln has been turning heads with their “larger than life” stage presence. Their outfits are best described as glammed-out, space alien scientists with an injection of Roth Era Van Halen style coolness. Lead vocalist Ashley Pooler delivers anthemic chorus lines to rally listeners, while the band delivers a cathartic blend of heavy riffs and progressive Punk Rock swagger. If King Crimson, Dead Kennedys and Devo started a band and stole a spaceship, it would be Abertooth Lincoln.

“Selling the Urban Ideal” is available now on iTunes and Spotify. You can download a digital copy or purchase a CD copy at https://abertoothlincoln.bandcamp.com/album/selling-the-urban-ideal

For More Information Please Visit:

Abertooth Lincoln Facebook

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