9Electric Coverage At Marquee Theatre May 2016

       Soundwave Brigade was able to catch 9 Electric at the Marquee Theatre on May 9th, 2016 as they are currently on tour with Lacuna Coil and the Butcher Babies.

       9 Electric is an Electronic Hard Rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 2010. With  Thunderwood (Vocals), Mikey Lopez (Guitar), Casey DC (Bass), and Micah Electric (Drums/Programming) completing the roster of the newly formed 9E and played their first show at the Roxy in Hollywood, California in February 2011. They would release their first EP in April 2011 titled Can You Feel This and the first track “Destroy As You Go” features guest vocals by the late Wayne Static (Static-X, Pighammer).

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       In 2012 the band would join Static-X on the Noise Revolution Tour with Davey Suicide throughout the USA. Their second EP titled Control, released in August of 2014 features a special guest appearance by Heidi Shepherd of the Butcher Babies on the track “Bullet Tooth”. 9E after years of touring and releasing two EPs would come to sign with Another Century in late February 2015.

       9E has gained a reputation for their high energy shows with rave like lighting effects, and tonight here in Tempe is no exception. The show begins in darkness with blue light emitting from Micah’s Drums as the show begins with “New God” and the stage lights come on as Mikey and Casey make their entrance on stage, and Thunderwood’s voice comes from the darkness of the photo pit. Thunderwood made his way through the darkness to surprise the crowd with opening up literally right in their faces and ears of the crowd before him. Soundwave Brigade has video of “New God” and the opening of 9 Electric’s show and we invite you to watch it for yourselves as Thunderwood started signing right behind us.

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       Their stage show is wild and unpredictable as 9E performs with constantly changing positions on stage with spinning, dancing, jumping all over the stage between Thunderwood, Mikey, and Casey. They give a show that will keep you on your toes as the lights and lasers change and Thunderwood’s unexpected and random performances from the photo pit, and even going into the audience to join them.

       They performed a jaw dropping show with songs from their past EP’s and their soon to be released debut album The Damaged Ones which will be released July 15th, 2016. They got the crowd riled and kept the security of the Marquee on their toes too as they closed their show with a cover of AC DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, with the crowd showing it’s approval with applause, 9 Electric exits the stage.

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      9E put on an awesome show, actually a show full of surprises that caught everyone off guard, after the show the members of band hung out in the lobby near their merch booth with fans till the end of night.

       9 Electric is again currently out on tour and with a new album soon to be released, they will very active in the near future and if you would like to know more about 9E and for more updates you can find them at the links provided below,

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       Soundwave Brigade.com would like to thank 9 Electric for an awsome performance and even keeping us on our toes as well, we would also like to thank the Marquee Theatre and it staff for hosting tonight’s events.

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwave Brigade.com.

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