9Electric At Pub Rock Live, Sep 2016

       9Electric was out at Pub Rock Live in Scottsdale, Arizona this past Wednesday night for their second time performing in the Valley of the Sun while on tour so far this year, with Stitched Up Heart joining them in tonight’s show.


       9Electric formed in Los Angeles, California in 2010 and the quartet comprises of Thunderwood (Vocals), Mikey Lopez (Guitar), Micah Electric (Drums/Programming), and CaseyDC (Bass) and classify their musical style as Electronic Hard Rock . With two EP releases, Can You Feel this (2011) and Control (2014),and touring with many notable bands over the years, 9E would sign a deal with Another Century in 2015. 9Electric has been busy and shows no signs of slowing down as they kicked it into overdrive in early 2016 with going out on a national tour with fellow members of the Century Label Group, Lacuna Coil, Butcher Babies, Stitched Up Heart, and Painted Wives. On July 15th, 2016 9Electric released their debut album The Damaged Ones, and would join Gemini Syndrome and Stitched Up Heart for the Remember We Die Tour.

       Soundwave Brigade is very grateful that Thunderwood was able take some time to sit down with us for an interview before the show here tonight and we would like to share this with you all, so please enjoy our video and time with Thunderwood.



       9Electric has been steadily gaining fans with a reputation for delivering an energetic and unpredictable show with fan friendly interaction that welcomes any audience that gathers before them as an active part of their show. With all the crazy and fun antics that the band enjoys demonstrating on stage, 9E does it all for the fans with a dedication to providing and performing an interactive, and memorable show no matter how large the crowd or venue. It is their goal and mission to entertain anyone who comes out to see them perform live, and they are grateful for those who take the time out of their lives to come and see them.

       With fans of all ages beginning to enter Pub Rock Live and gather in front of the stage in anticipation of tonight’s events, parts of the audience who have seen 9Electric perform live were discussing the band’s previous show in May of this year at the Marquee Theatre, and many here including Soundwave Brigade had the same question,……where and how would Thunderwood appear?


       When the time came for the show to start the whole band came on stage together as a team,Thunderwood enjoys being unpredictable and the crowd was still caught off guard as many had to turn and face the stage as a member of 9Electric’s crew welcomed the crowd and announced the band.

       Kicking of their set with “New God”, with the lasers going and Micah’s drums emitting a surrounding blue aura of light, Mikey, Casey, and Thunderwood all came forward to engage the crowd. Thunderwood wasting no time going from one side of the stage to the other and interacting with anyone in arms reach of him. Halfway through the first song Thunderwood, standing upon a riser with one hand on the low ceiling dropped down from the stage to join and perform among the audience. Making his way back on stage and finishing “New God”, and immediately after the song ends Thunderwood comes to front of the stage and gets the crowd clapping along as “More More” begins.


       After the second song ended, Thunderwood with a screaming welcome and with great enthusiasm welcomes everyone and states that he grew up here and was excited to be here for all of us and especially grateful that a lot of his family was here tonight and joked about trying to behave in front of the little ones. With great laughter coming from all around, 9E goes on with show with performing more new material off of their latest album, The Damages Ones. With performing “Lies”, “Beautiful”, and after another brief and playful interlude with the audience, 9 Electric begins “Take It Away”, and we have live footage of their performance to share with you, so enjoy and see for yourselves.



       After performing “Goodbye”, 9E takes a break and Thunderwood converses with the crowd about tour life and Mikey, Casey, and Micah all laughing about the journey that the band has all shared, and with another announcement about the next song yet to be played, the title track of the album “The Damaged Ones”, Thunderwood tells the crowd that they just shot a new video for this song and that it will be out and “in your face” real soon.

       And now here’s where the show gets crazy,Mikey walks up and leans in to whisper in Thunderwood’s ear, and with a mischievous grin forming on Thunderwood’s face, Thunderwood makes his way over to the underage section of the venue and invites all of his little nieces and nephews, cousins and friends to come up on stage and join 9Electric, and then jokes about performing the song that’s about “chickens exploding”. With the crowd laughing and cheering and encouraging all the young kids onto the stage…..and with all on stage, 9E starts “Chick’n Time Bomb”….Oh, I’m sorry….I ment “Time Bomb”.


       With everyone on stage jumping around during “Time Bomb” with some of the young ones on stage having a blast and a few who were shy, but the band played on with smiles on their faces as did the rest of the adults here tonight. Halfway through the song Thunderwood took a ride through the crowd on the shoulders of one of their crew members and after his trip around the crowd, they make their way back to the stage to finish the song with Mikey coming forward and joking around with the crowd about being a “family friendly” band.

       With a crowded stage, 9E takes the time to do a shout out to their friends and tourmates Stitched Up Heart, and states their up next. Thunderwood then addresses the audience that they had taken the next song off of their set list and it just didn’t feel right, and so their putting back on. Just before they start their final song, Mikey and Thunderwood ask if there are anymore youngsters who want to come up and join them. With Mikey and Thunderwood joking around, and call up Decker from Stitched Up Heart to get on stage as he’s the biggest kid they know…..to help play the Symbols, and start their cover of AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. With all ages from within Pub Rock Live joining in to sing along with 9Electric with a full stage of youngsters (Yes, Decker included) to the chorus of the Rock classic, Thunderwood makes his final outing while performing into the crowd and as the song ends makes his way back on stage and calls on the crowd to applaud all the little helpers on stage, and to thank Decker too, and 9Electric’s show comes to an end with laughter, loud cheers and applause.


       9Electric delivers an unpredictable, high energy show, and brings an awesome mixture of genre crossing musical style to their live shows. No matter the size of the crowd or venue 9Electric has learned to adapt and accommodate for the situation at hand. Winning over crowds and earning fans through their performances, humor, and interaction with those they meet.

       After the show, all members came out to spend time with their fans, friends, and family, and taking the time to thank them all on a personal level and to just hang out. They did an awesome job and it’s not the first time that Soundwave Brigade has covered 9Electric and again we have seen the same level of dedication, energy, and most importantly the way they treat their fans and the crowds they perform for, they just nail it!

       9Electric’s tour schedule just ended and they will be taking a small break, but they will be releasing a new music video soon, and as much as they like to surprise their fans, it won’t be long before they come up with something, so for further information and updates concerning 9Electric we have some links for you to check them out at below,




       Soundwave Brigade would like to thank 9Electric for another awesome show, Pub Rock live and their staff for their hospitality and hosting tonight’s events, Thunderwood, Mikey Lopez, Micah Electric, and CaseyDC for their time as well for allowing us to get some band shots after the show, and again to thank Thunderwood for his time for the interview.

       Coverage provided by Adam and Alex at Soundwavebrigade.com.  


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