3 Doors Down – Back Porch Jam at Wild Horse Pass Casino

Coverage/Photos By: Julius Aguilar

A night filled with jokes, stories of being on the road and some of the best songs was had at Ovations Live at Wild Horse Pass Casino in Chandler, AZ on January 27, 2018.

The night started off as a struggle to get into the showroom, as fans lined up to get tickets and then subsequently lineup to get scanned into the concert. Step by step closer to the showroom you could see the excitement on the fans faces and grew more as they finally got through the door.

As fans entered, they were greeted with a back porch decorated set with a big yellow sheet hanging from the ceiling with the artist’s band logo across it “3 Doors Down Back Porch Jam.”  The fans scatter the venue lining up at the merch booth, the bar and some wandering around trying to find their seats to get situated and to enjoy a night of amazing music. Chatter is heard as the fans situate, you could tell the excitement in the voices as they ponder the music selection for the evening.

As the lights dimmed to gather the crowd’s attention, lead singer Brad Arnold walks out as the other band members follow and the crowd sets off in a craze of excitement; cheering, clapping, whistling and standing. Brad says a few words to the crowd, introduces the show and they begin with the acoustic filled set of the night with “I Feel You.”

The fan’s participation was an amazing thing to see with the fans singing along to almost every song that was played, and to be honest it was hard to not sing along.

3 Doors Down played a plethora of their biggest hit songs in this acoustic set, songs such as “It’s Not My Time”, “Loser”,“Let Me Go”, “Kryptonite” and of course the fan favorite “Be Somebody.” Not only did fans get to hear and sing along to songs but they also got a quick history lesson of some of the songs, on how they were thought of and what was the driving factor of the songs.

As the band finishes up their set with the song “Here without You”, fans erupt and stand to applaud the show they had just seen. You could definitely hear through the excitement of the crowd that this was a worth wild show; the crowd excitement extends to over two minutes in hopes of the band coming out to play an encore of a few more acoustic songs. 3 Doors Down did one better, as the stagehands came out to move equipment as if they were beginning to tear down, they begin

bringing out the electric guitars and modifying the amps for distortion. Again with Brad leading the way the band came back out to end the night again with three electric songs; “Fell From The Moon”, “This Time” and “When I’m Gone.”

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