2 In The Chest Performing “2 In The Chest” At Joe’s Grotto

      Soundwave Brigade was out at Joe’s’ Grotto on August 20th for the Dimefest show, and to cover 2 In The Chest as they performed here on this Saturday night to pay tribute to the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott on the date of what would have been the late guitarist’s 50th birthday.

      2 In The Chest is an Arizona based band that formed in 2010 and classify themselves as  “The World’s Only Rustic Outlaw Southern Metal Band” with a goal that became a mission statement to provide a “total” entertainment experience with full costumes, theatrics, with a backstory set in the life and times of the United States during the18th century, and an importance to raise Autism awareness around the globe.

       Blazing the trails of venues across Arizona clad in ghostly costume and attire from an era of North American history, 2 In The Chest brings to the stage a “Metal Fever” of storytelling of life in the past and superstitious legend set to the style and pace of Metal music with a twist of the supernatural.

       The lineup consists of frontman Reverend Black Jack McBride (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Mortimer J. Butterfield (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Velvet De Blonko (Drums), who all have a story of their own that can be better told at www.2inthechest.net under the 2 In The Chest Story link on the band’s website.

       The show begins with an intro from an eerie voice speaking from the darkness of the stage and the lights come on to reveal 2 In The Chest in all their resurrected and decaying glory with the aid of Miss Darby (The only member of the show with their flesh still intact), as they open their set with “Dawg”. After the first song ends, the Reverend McBride addresses the audience and takes a moment to recognize and pay some respect to the late “Dimebag” Darrell, which was greatly received by the roar of cheer and approval by the crowd.

       2 In the Chest has a rough, yet smooth rhythm to their music with very clean distinguishable bass lines from Mortimer, as well as loud and raw guitar tones from McBride, and Velvet makes it look so easy behind her drums with the way she transitions from her sequences. Throwing down their own originals such as “Gunz Raized”, and “2 In the Chest”, for which Soundwave Brigade has video of their performance to share with you down below. So enjoy the video and see for yourselves and sample a little of what 2 In The Chest brings to the stage.



       A very entertaining show with playful banter exchanging between the members of the band and the audience as well. With the show coming to an end, they close the show with “Pony Express”, with one final act on the part of the Reverend Black Jack McBride….who refused to leave the stage until he played his favorite riff from Pantera’s “Walk”, as a final gesture to the late Abbott. After completing their final display of respect, 2 In The Chest assembles together center stage to thank the audience and bow out in true old school fashion.

       2 In The Chest is a band with an act that stands out with their commitment not only to their music but in the effort they put into their costumes and show, as well as the goal of bringing more to the stage for their audience. The band is continuing in that effort with adding more theatrics and props as well as adding another guitar player/character to the band/show.

       2 In The Chest is also planning to release their brand new album Iron Smoke & Spit by the end of August, and have some upcoming shows, so for more information about future shows and any updates we have some links for you down bellow for you to check out 2 In The Chest at,



       Soundwave Brigade.com would like to thank 2 In The Chest for performing such an entertaining and fun show and allowing us to cover their performance as they took part in the Dimefest show, and thanks to Joe’s Grotto and their staff for hosting the show and their hospitality, and all the other bands and people who put this event together to honor the late “Dimebag” Darrell Abbot on the date of his birth.

       Coverage provided by Alex at Soundwavebrigade.com










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