10 Years – (how to live) As Ghosts Tour at Marquee Theatre

10 Years stop off in Tempe, AZ at the Marquee Theatre on January 25, 2017 on their “(how to live) As Ghost” album promotion tour with special guests From Ashes to New, Painted Wives and Phoenix local’s Psyphen.

Psyphen’s set was mainly made up of great music, they not only warmed up the crowed but they also provided some head banging grooves and a small mosh pit. As far as opening bands go they definitely got the crowds attention bring them beyond the black curtains that was hung from the ceiling just behind the soundboard area.

Painted Wives a band from Los Angeles had a slow start; with technical issues spoiling the beginning 15 minutes of their set. The technical issues, although an unfortunate mishap, did bring a curiousness to fans, as they left the bar area of the Marquee and filled the venue.

When all was squared away on the tech front, Painted Wives started up and still finished their set with chanting fans and  based on the cheering as their set was over it was well worth the wait for Painted Wives.

Third in line was From Ashes to New, who brought a different feel to the venue. With an amazing light show and the rap/rock themed band definitely brought a different refreshing sound to the crowd. The crowd filed in fast from their bar/smoke breaks as the lights went dark and the band began to take their positions.

They hit the fans with heavy upbeat tracks that got the crowd moving and pushing forward. Each song that From Ashes to New played acted as a build up leading the fans to loosen their shoulders and get more involved with their music by chanting, screaming, moshing and throwing their horns into the air.

The minute From Ashes to New left the stage to when 10 Years crew came out for setup. No body moved from their spots in fear of losing a great view. As the lights cut the crowd goes wild in excitement, watching the dark stage for any movement for the main act to come out.

10 Years come out, the lights go on and fans are hit with the track “Backlash”. 10 Years set consisted of songs off their new album (how to live) As Ghosts such as “Burnout”“Catacombs”, “Phantoms” and the hit song “Novacaine”. They also performed some of their older hit songs such as “Wasteland”, “The Autumn Effect”“Dancing with the Dead” and “Fix Me”.

Even with the stellar song choice 10 Years gave their fans two amazing treats with a remixed version of the song “Wasteland” which had the crowd singing every word in a sea of echos. Then hitting the crowd with a beautifully executed slowed down rendition of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box”.

To top it off to an amazing show of music and lights work, 10 Years takes time to recognize their guitar tech’s birthday by having the lead singer run to the back of the stage and bringing out a birthday cake as well as the guitar tech to the front of the stage. After the candles were blown out the band and guitar tech was kind enough to even offer the crowd some by handing it over and passing it out.


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10 Years

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From Ashes to New

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Painted Wives

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