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    Divided Minds – “Mood Swings” Album Review

    Divided Minds – “Mood Swings” (We Are Triumphant) By: Brian Campbell   If there is anything you can never have enough of, it’s pop-punk, especially when it’s good. Enter Divided Minds and their major label [...]
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    Zero Theorem – “Ataraxis” Album Review

    Zero Theorem – “Ataraxis” (Shim Sham, LLC) By: Brian Campbell   Nowadays in music everyone seems to be constantly looking for the next big thing – the new Disturbed, the next Five Finger Death Punch, [...]
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    Vendetta Red – “Quinceañera” Album Review

    Vendetta Red – “Quinceañera” (Cleopatra Records) By: Brian Campbell   After spending 13 years in relative anonymity, Seattle’s Vendetta Red have returned from the void with “Quinceañera,” their first full length since 2005. And much [...]
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    Dearist – “Sonder” Album Review

    Dearist – “Sonder” (Spartan Records) By: Brian Campbell   If Wolverhampton, UK act Dearist opened for Thursday during their “Full Collapse” tour back in 2001, chances are they would have immediately become your favorite band, [...]
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    Underoath “Erase Me” Album Review

    Underoath – “Erase Me” (Fearless Records) By: Brian Campbell   After eight years since the release of “Ø (Disambiguation),” Underoath is back with “Erase Me,” not with a vengeance per say, but more with aplomb. [...]

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